Review: Fashion king (패션킹)

A few weeks ago I also finished a korean drama named Fashion king. For some reason this drama disappointed me a little, because this drama was about fashion and romance and i thought it was gonna be great.
Fashion king  |  패션왕
Starring: Yoo Ah-In, Shin Se Kyung, Lee Je Hoon, Yuri from SNSD
Episodes: 20

Fashion King tells the story of young aspiring designers in Dongdaemun Market as they dream of success, and the relationships, love, and challenges they face along the way. Kang Young Gul has never had any goals or dreams for a bright future until he meets Lee Ga Young. Together they work towards their dreams.

The storyline was fine and exciting at the beginning but very quickly it geared into a different direction and changed focus away from fashion. A few scenes were completly useless. 

Yuri seemed to have always have the same facial expression, the same goes for Shin Se Kyung. In some situations you can't see what they mean, that was really annoying me. But i think this is all very much because of the script and not because of the actresess. 

I woudn't recommend the drama but i guess if there's nothing to watch it's not a teribble drama but just not particulary good.
mark: 5,5 

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  1. I read the story line of this show! Weird! Weird! Weird! Your review says it all! LOL!