NEOM Luxury Organic Treatment Travel Candel

NEOM Luxury Organics Happiness Organic Treatment Travel Candel 
It comes presented in 100% recycled glass and it is, basically, sensuality captured in candle form. I like all NEOM's candles, I can't seem to get enough of the NEOM candles. The full size candle is €37.50 and there's a cute travel version for €13. A sparkling blend of White Neroli, Mimosa and Lemon is combined with natural fresh grass notes to create the awakening of spring. This lively blend of happy notes will make you smile, take the weight off your shoulders and sprinkle a little joy into your world. Heaven.

Summer | Sunscreen Rules

If we could we would lie all day in the sun or have sunbathing terraces, but unfortunately that's not always successful. Consider opportunities to wrinkles, dark spots weird and of course skin cancer. To prevent sunburn is a must have. What are the rules of the use of sun?
There is no such thing as "waterproof" sunscream. There are several solar lights to find that "waterproof", but this is not always true. Solar Fires may therefore no longer even claim they are waterproof and perspiration. Companies may say that the "water resistant", but must specify how often you use it again.
How often do you rub? It is recommended that you get to rub after an hour you've swum. You do not need to do if for everyday use. Remember also that the sun through windows as the car comes through here and you also must be protected. 
With what sunscreen are you the best protected? Today there will only products of balanced UV Protection, marked with "Broad Spectrum". Here you only need a protection against UVA and UVB rays which helps prevent sunburn, skin cancer and premature aging. A sunscreen with balanced protection is the best! Products that are not equipped with "Broad Spectrum" or lower than a factor of 15 or lower are only good to prevent burning.
Foundation with sun protection doesn't count. It is useful as a foundation a sun protection, but this does not count. It's just an added bonus. That is because we often careless with the application or a just a small layer of foundation on it. So apply sunscreen first and then put the foundation over it.

Extra tips
Finally, Ihave two final tips for applying sunscreen. Put sunscreen on a foundation brush to easily use the formula on your face to spread. It is often forgotten that even with your hairline (especially people with blond hair ). Apply here for some sun protection spray. With these tips you're summer ready! 

Summer | Beauty Tips

Hi girls! Ready for summer? The summer means relax and enjoy beautiful weather and the time to shine. But there is a but, I still gotta shave, my skin burned quickly and my hair is dry. Do not be afraid, for a good preparation is half the battle. With these golden beauty tips to get through the summer.
Shiny hair
Sun, salt and chlorine are the culprits, because we are her unhappy. Your hair is in fact dry, damaged and your dyed locks can discolor. These are the tips for the ultimate in hair care:
- To your hair from the sun protection you can start wearing a hat, cap or scarf. Additionally, you can also choose up hair in a bun or a braid. This will make it more fluffy and it's comfortable too.
- Do you rather to wear your hair loose, than use a conditioner after your shower or go for special hair products that protect your locks from the sun.
- Finally, especially for color treated hair good for occasional hydrating hair mask.
Beautiful brown
Sunbathing is delicious and provides vitamin D and good humor, but unfortunately there are also dangers. Besides links may irresponsible sunbathing namely skin cancer and cause aging and that we do not want.
- Make sure at least that you get plenty of sunscreen and keep doing this regularly.
- Which factor you choose depends on your skin type. Do you have fair skin that burns fast, go for at least a factor of 30 and with a tinted or dark skin for at least 15. (Also with dark skin can burn).
- Of course we want a tan, and this build is best achieved on one or two times a week to exfoliate your skin. Cover your after sun shower and still in with a after sun to your skin to cool and moist.
Summer feet
The flipflops, wedges, open toe shoes must be worn again and of course all we want to have beautiful feet. Start your own pedicure:
- Remove your old nail polish with nail polish remover.
- Let your feet 5 to 10 minutes in a bowl with water. Join in advance some cuticle oil around the nail.
- Move your feet to turn off the water and gently push the cuticles back.
- Rinse below your feet and dry them thoroughly (including between the toes). Cut nails straight across and file the rough edges.
- Cover your feet with a good thick cream and let it withdraw (refreshing huh?).
- Lack Finally the nails with a summer tan your feet all off. Have you ever been trouble painting your toe nails, use a teenspreider your toes to keep apart. 
Smooth legs, but without photoshop
It's time to show our legs, something that not everyone is happy about. With these tips your going with smooth legs on the beach.
- To begin with unshaven legs to the beach is an absolute no go for us. Now we can shaving or plucking?
- For shaving or plucking, we first exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and your skin is well prepared. Apply the scrub in circular movements from the ankles up, this stimulates the circulation.
- Shaving is fast and easy and today there are good razors available. Use this always shaving cream and then grease the legs with good body lotion. The advantage of epilation is that your legs stay soft longer, because hairs can stay up to three weeks away.
- Finally, we like to tip your legs regularly to shower with hot water and finishing with cold water. Improved blood flow to your skin and fight cellulite!
A red nose and cheeks, mascara and we prefer to avoid dry skin. This powder layers and foundations are not needed in the summer. These tips provide a summer look:
- Not only our body must be protected from the sun, but also our faces. So make sure that this remains good rub (especially nose and cheeks burn quickly). Do not forget that lips can also burn!
- Plus, you can also use a daily day cream with sunscreen.
- With a tan foundation is absolutely no need (or very little) for the real color is the key to a bright and summery look. Less is more!
- A little lip gloss and mascara is enough (in summer is as natural as possible, the best). Make sure to use waterproof mascara to black spots from perspiration or water to prevent.
- Do you still want some extra makeup, opt for an eyeliner. Eyeshadow will not sit with perspiration.
- Complete the look finally with a little bronzer powder on the cheeks.
What are your summer beauty tips?

Summer | The 7 items for in your beach bag

Hello lovely readers! It's finally summer after all this time! Beach bags are always great and it's not for nothing: we must in fact take everything.A beach bag is therefore only ready to go when completely filled.

To begin, we first need a nice beach bag. Stripes are hot this season and may be seen in tops, pants and of course the bag.

A day at the beach is inconceivable without the beach towel. This course applies the rule: How bigger the beach towel is how better it is. 
How nice the sun is also yet we must be careful that we do not burn. Sunscreens can be found in factors of 6 to 50, but which one you choose has to do with your skin type. With fair skin who burn quickly are best with a factor 30 or so, and tinted to dark skin you're already good from 15. Do not forget that lips can also burn and protect lips with Sun Protector.
On the beach it is not convenient for our great shopping wallet filled with cards and money with you. Therefore, it is easy to carry a small purse for the main stuff.
The beach here is the perfect time to enjoy reading a magazine and enjoy the latest fashion.
Sunglasses are always good and this is an indispensable item in the bag.
It doesn't matter if your flip flop's are dirty or wet from the sand or the sea. With flip flop's you can do anything and get them as clean again.

Summer | Fashion Trends

Hello lovely readers, hope you're well! I'm sure a lot of you know that floral,a merican flag print ,pastel colors and maxi dresses are a huge trend this summer.  So today's post are all pictures of what totally in is this summer! Here are a few inspirations.


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Hello lovely readers! My Niece was on a vacation to Hongkong , and yesterday she was here and
gave me some gifts n.n. Some of the gifts were from the brand Tony Moly'.I don't know if you know this brand but Tony Moly was founded in Korea in 2006. It has been gaining a strong following of customers worldwide amonst the youth and young adults. Consumers are attracted to its wide product range and unique packaging. I really love this brand! 
What I am really curious about though, is the latest Tony Moly “Latte Art Range”.Song Joong Ki in Singapore for Tony Moly New Store and Products
Latte Art Milk Tea Morning Pack- You are supposed to pour the milky essence, which resembles a creamer here, into the Morning Pack and use the tea spoon provided to mix the compound into a facial mask for cleansing and rejuvenating purposes.
Song Joong Ki in Singapore for Tony Moly New Store and Products
Latte Art Cappuccino Cream in Scrub- This is a facial scrub that will remove dead cells and have the scent of coffee. My interest in the Latte Art range is totally piqued by the packaging and the product description haha.

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Review: Let's Go Watch Meteor Shower ( 一起来看流星雨)

Hi there! As promised i would write a review about the mainland drama 'Let's Go Watch Meteor Shower' one and two. This was my second drama I've seen, there are two seasons. Meteor shower is a Chinese television serie. Due to the success and popularity of Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango and its franchise (Meteor GardenHana Yori Dango and Boys Over Flowers). Hunan TV decided to create a new series based on the same name. It is an unlicensed live-television drama production not authorized by Japanese publisher Shueisha, according to the producer it is only inspired by the manga.

Let's Go Watch Meteor Shower season 1
Let's Go Watch Meteor Shower Again season 2

Let's go watch meteor shower  | 一起来看流星雨
Starring: Zhang Han, Zheng Shuang, Yu Hao Ming, Wei Chen, Zhu Zi Xiao
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Episodes: 16

Synopsis season 1
Chu Yuyun is a hardworking, smart high school girl. Her biggest dream is to enter the prestigious Aliceton University. With help from her uncle, she finally gets in. Yun Hai, Duan Mu Lei, Shangguan Ruiqian and Ye Shuo are the four richest students of Aliceton. With their gorgeous looks, they became the idols of all the girls there. However, they’re unsatisfied with the lives that their parents forced upon them. In order to get the principle to kick them out of Aliceton, they performs a serious of pranks. While fighting for the justice of the victims of the pranks, Yuyun become the target of F4. Through fighting and arguing, they began to admire each other and became friends. Touched by Yuyun, F4 eventually becomes the top four students of the school. At the same time, they became loving, responsible males. Through the multiple struggles and hardships, Girl and F4 grew up. They learned to control their own lives, chose their own futures, and to strive for their dreams.

Synopsis season 2
Murong Yunhai remembers everything, except Chu Yuxun the love of his life. When he went overseas, he meets a new friend, Jiang Yuan and he'ill fall in love with her. However, when they both come back to China, Yunhai feels like someone's waiting for him. When will he completely regain his memory and remember the girl he loved the most?

Al though there are some related dramas, i still like this one. The end of season 1 ended in a very abrupt way, but because of that ending you really want to see season 2 to! I hated the fact that they changed some actors, but it didn't matter that much because the important characters are still present. 

In my opnion all of them did a great job, especially between Chu Yuyun and Yu Ha. You can see they really can act their emotions to each other.

I have to admit season two isn't as good as season one but I still enjoyed watching it. The last episodes turned a little dramatic but it's not too much, and the end was awesome! So if you have not seen this drama yet, you really should watch it. It's definitly a must watch.
Mark: 9