Summer | Beauty Tips

Hi girls! Ready for summer? The summer means relax and enjoy beautiful weather and the time to shine. But there is a but, I still gotta shave, my skin burned quickly and my hair is dry. Do not be afraid, for a good preparation is half the battle. With these golden beauty tips to get through the summer.
Shiny hair
Sun, salt and chlorine are the culprits, because we are her unhappy. Your hair is in fact dry, damaged and your dyed locks can discolor. These are the tips for the ultimate in hair care:
- To your hair from the sun protection you can start wearing a hat, cap or scarf. Additionally, you can also choose up hair in a bun or a braid. This will make it more fluffy and it's comfortable too.
- Do you rather to wear your hair loose, than use a conditioner after your shower or go for special hair products that protect your locks from the sun.
- Finally, especially for color treated hair good for occasional hydrating hair mask.
Beautiful brown
Sunbathing is delicious and provides vitamin D and good humor, but unfortunately there are also dangers. Besides links may irresponsible sunbathing namely skin cancer and cause aging and that we do not want.
- Make sure at least that you get plenty of sunscreen and keep doing this regularly.
- Which factor you choose depends on your skin type. Do you have fair skin that burns fast, go for at least a factor of 30 and with a tinted or dark skin for at least 15. (Also with dark skin can burn).
- Of course we want a tan, and this build is best achieved on one or two times a week to exfoliate your skin. Cover your after sun shower and still in with a after sun to your skin to cool and moist.
Summer feet
The flipflops, wedges, open toe shoes must be worn again and of course all we want to have beautiful feet. Start your own pedicure:
- Remove your old nail polish with nail polish remover.
- Let your feet 5 to 10 minutes in a bowl with water. Join in advance some cuticle oil around the nail.
- Move your feet to turn off the water and gently push the cuticles back.
- Rinse below your feet and dry them thoroughly (including between the toes). Cut nails straight across and file the rough edges.
- Cover your feet with a good thick cream and let it withdraw (refreshing huh?).
- Lack Finally the nails with a summer tan your feet all off. Have you ever been trouble painting your toe nails, use a teenspreider your toes to keep apart. 
Smooth legs, but without photoshop
It's time to show our legs, something that not everyone is happy about. With these tips your going with smooth legs on the beach.
- To begin with unshaven legs to the beach is an absolute no go for us. Now we can shaving or plucking?
- For shaving or plucking, we first exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and your skin is well prepared. Apply the scrub in circular movements from the ankles up, this stimulates the circulation.
- Shaving is fast and easy and today there are good razors available. Use this always shaving cream and then grease the legs with good body lotion. The advantage of epilation is that your legs stay soft longer, because hairs can stay up to three weeks away.
- Finally, we like to tip your legs regularly to shower with hot water and finishing with cold water. Improved blood flow to your skin and fight cellulite!
A red nose and cheeks, mascara and we prefer to avoid dry skin. This powder layers and foundations are not needed in the summer. These tips provide a summer look:
- Not only our body must be protected from the sun, but also our faces. So make sure that this remains good rub (especially nose and cheeks burn quickly). Do not forget that lips can also burn!
- Plus, you can also use a daily day cream with sunscreen.
- With a tan foundation is absolutely no need (or very little) for the real color is the key to a bright and summery look. Less is more!
- A little lip gloss and mascara is enough (in summer is as natural as possible, the best). Make sure to use waterproof mascara to black spots from perspiration or water to prevent.
- Do you still want some extra makeup, opt for an eyeliner. Eyeshadow will not sit with perspiration.
- Complete the look finally with a little bronzer powder on the cheeks.
What are your summer beauty tips?


  1. such great tips!! summer is great but can definitely take a toll on the body :D


    1. Hi jessica, awh thank you ^^, yes i know
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  2. These are great tips! I never knew rinsing with cold water could help reduce the risk of developing cellulite. I'll have to keep that in mind :)

    1. Thank you Rinny! ^^, doesn't matter i first also
      didn't knew either, it's good that you'll keep
      it in mind ;)

  3. neat tips :) I totally agree with the tip about spf! I put spf on my face daily prior to applying makeup and i even spray the rest of my body (what's visible to the sun) with spf hahahah i just like to make sure~

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