Summer | Sunscreen Rules

If we could we would lie all day in the sun or have sunbathing terraces, but unfortunately that's not always successful. Consider opportunities to wrinkles, dark spots weird and of course skin cancer. To prevent sunburn is a must have. What are the rules of the use of sun?
There is no such thing as "waterproof" sunscream. There are several solar lights to find that "waterproof", but this is not always true. Solar Fires may therefore no longer even claim they are waterproof and perspiration. Companies may say that the "water resistant", but must specify how often you use it again.
How often do you rub? It is recommended that you get to rub after an hour you've swum. You do not need to do if for everyday use. Remember also that the sun through windows as the car comes through here and you also must be protected. 
With what sunscreen are you the best protected? Today there will only products of balanced UV Protection, marked with "Broad Spectrum". Here you only need a protection against UVA and UVB rays which helps prevent sunburn, skin cancer and premature aging. A sunscreen with balanced protection is the best! Products that are not equipped with "Broad Spectrum" or lower than a factor of 15 or lower are only good to prevent burning.
Foundation with sun protection doesn't count. It is useful as a foundation a sun protection, but this does not count. It's just an added bonus. That is because we often careless with the application or a just a small layer of foundation on it. So apply sunscreen first and then put the foundation over it.

Extra tips
Finally, Ihave two final tips for applying sunscreen. Put sunscreen on a foundation brush to easily use the formula on your face to spread. It is often forgotten that even with your hairline (especially people with blond hair ). Apply here for some sun protection spray. With these tips you're summer ready! 

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