Review: Sexy Look Hello Kitty Rose Mask

Today I'm reviewing the Sexy look Limited Edition Hello Kitty mask in Plantinum Rose. It has such an adorable packaging! Lets start with the review shall we ^_^
It has really an adorable Hello Kitty packaging , really super cute! ^__^  it's just too cute and it's tosin to use is haha. 

How to use
Apply sheet mask to face for about 10-15minutes. Then, remove sheet and gently massage remaining essense on face to maximise absorption and lock in the nourishing ingredient.


The scent and structure 

It has a kind of floral scent to it which I really love! The sheet mask has a nice structure, and the size is perfect. What I  also like about this mask is the ear hooks and how there's an extended mask to cover the chin area as well.


- Inexpensive

- Cute packaging
- No Break outs
- Makes my skin smooth after use

- Can't buy it everywhere
- The scent might be to overwelming for some people

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