Hyuna also known as Kim Hyun-a born June 6, 1992 is a South Korean idol, singer, dancer, rapper, designer, model and a member of the Korean girl group 4Minute, under Cube Entertainment. She is also a former member of the popular girl group Wonder Girls. Hyun-a released her second mini album titled 'Melting' with the title track 'Ice Cream'.

Hyun-a also appeared as a featured dancer in the PSY music video for 'Gangnam Style'. Which is very popular all over the world. PSY released the female version of Gangnam Style, known as 'Oppa Is Just My Style' in August 2012, featuring additonal vocals by Hyun-a.


Hi everyone! End of the month October is it there again: Halloween! At the 31st of October children will dress up and go door to door to get some candy. Halloween has always been very popular in America, but recent years also have been very popular in Europe.
For adults there is also plenty to do around Hallowen. Popular dress parties are perfect for this theme. So this year, in the big cities again full Halloween parties to be find where you can dress up with extravagant clothes and amazinf make up. Who or what are you going this Halloween?
And when it comes to food, our Halloween party derserves Halloween food ideas that wiill delight, gross out and complete the party in a way that only themed food can! Take a look at some food inspirations, amazing and kinda scary right? And are you ready for some Halloween?


We can already bowled swoon at the prospect of the sauna. Immerse ourselves in the Turkish baths, sweating in the sauna, cool off in the plunge pool. But what does a sauna actually do to your body?
The flu! Alternating the hot sauna with a cold plunge pool is a very good workout for the body. During the alternating heat and cold, the body itself still thawing. This "training" as it were you resist giving you far more resistant to the flu. And something that keeps us from hundreds of hours in bed, we always find good.
Sweating it- Avoid using soap when rinsing, cleaner than in the sauna process can not be your skin. Your pores, which occurred during the thermal process have opened your grease with soap as it were shut, and that's a shame because this hindered the deep cleansing of your skin.
It enhances the blood circulation- The deep cleansing of the skin is caused by the relaxation of blood circulation in your body. At high temperature vewijden your arteries, like your pores. When cool, tighten them again. This sets in motion the circulation which makes for a good circulation in all organs.
Skin like never before- By loosen the dead skin cells and deep clean the skin will recover more quickly and the skin softer and smoother. Lubricate you at the end with a body cream to this effect last longer. Did you go to a sauna before?

My name is Bond, James Bond, my mission? Opi nail polish!

The new James Bond movie coming next week at the Cinemas. Only for men?! No way! OPI showed that showing 'Skyfall' nail polish collection. The collection contains no less than 13 different colors. What the funny thing is that the nailpolishes, that they all have a name given to a Bond movie. For example, there the 'Tommorow never dies', a purple-like color and 'Die another day', a red nail polish.
Of course there is also a very special lacquer in the collection, 'The man with the golden gun' is made of 18-carat gold leaf. It is a topcoat and that means that you make it over your regular nail polish. The effect of this is real gold pieces on your nails. However, this limited paint sold in the Netherlands for € 39.95. The rest of the nail polishes are € 13.95. What is also nice, you can buy a mini-kit for only € 17.95.
Not sure which color you like or what color suits your skin tone? On the website of OPI have a tool with which you can test.

Manicure | Caviar Nails

It might sound weird, caviar nails. When you first hear it you might think hmmm nail polish of caviar. But it's the gems that appear on caviar. It looks quite cool, but is not it a bit awkward? You must be careful that every time the beads do not fly off somewhere along when you come. 
The inspiration behind the Caviar Manicure came about when Charlotte, Ciaté’s Creative Director, was looking to create 3-dimensional nails for a front cover magazine shoot and wanted to develop something feminine, indulgent yet delicately extravagant. The finished effect gives nails an instant sophisticated look. I just love the effect! 

How To Make | Smokey Eyes

They make you irresistible: smokey eyes. That is, if you know how to make this eye makeup. Just practice and you steal the show at any party. There are many makeup products for sale. What when a favorite, can the other just do not work. So find the products you like. These really do not need the most expensive brand.
What do you need for your smokey-eyes? A face-wash or cleanser milk. A matte foundation and a kohl eye liner . An eyeshadow, a dark and slightly lighter color. Mascara, cotton swabs and a mirror.
Start with a clean slate. The basis for a good makeup to make a clean face. Ensure that all traces of old makeup or blemishes removed. This can be a foamy face wash or mild cleanser, then use always a tonic to the pores to close again. Before you begin, take your first layer of foundation around your eyes So work your small spots and dark circles away and you ensure that your eyes are not fat.
Now the real work can begin. Along the lashline of your upper lid, draw a straight line. Make sure the line is close as possible to the lashesedge , so as to minimize skin is visible. With your finger or a cotton swab you blur the line from bottom to top. Let the line at the end of the eye light upward bending.
The secret of a beautiful smokey-eye, is that of the dark to become lighter going until you see almost nothing. Apply an eyeshadow that you like, from bottom to top and from outside to inside to. Let these increasingly blurred. Use the entire eyelid, up to the arcade arch shape. Follow the shape of your eyebrows for an extra stylish result. And our smokey-eyes are almost finished.
The finishing touch and the easiest part of the smokey eyes is mascara. The following applies: the thicker the better! Use either volume mascara for ultimate effect: fake lashes. A eye shadow under your eyes  in the same color as above gives it a nice effect.


I'm still considering what I really want and what I will really wear. A subtle difference between the ears, but signifcant for purse. So the must haves and the wanna-haves for this season are already separated and sorted and outfitts laid out so that you can watch.
Musthaves:                                                                                                                 Wannahaves:
-Burgundy Leggings or Pants                                                                                   -Metallic Shoes
-Large Golden Jewelry                                                                                             -Fur Coat
-White Blouse                                                                                                          -Studded Boots
-Metallic Top                                                                                                            -Leopard Print Clutch
9 fall/winter alternative musthaves!
1. Necklace, inmydresser.com €30 / 2. Cliffon top, H&M €18 / 3. Miso fur jacket, €68 / 4. Gloves H&M €18 /  5. Grey heels, €30 / 6. H&M slim pants, €31 / 7. Clutch purse newlook , €16 / 8. Bangle bracelet , inmydresser.com €13

1. Classic or Trend?
Rate a garment always first on the basis of fit. Fits the model with your figure and cut it so that you look nice?
If the answer is no, hang it back immediately. A nice fit that lasts is always cheaper than discounted trendy shirts that only one season is in fashion.

2. Don't go for Colour, go for Accents
The color burgundy and oxblood red are thé colors of this season. Question in the first instance or the color fits well to your skin tone. If the answer is yes and your budget is small, go for accents like burgundy scarves, gloves, purses and bags. These are precious items that are not able to go every season. A beautiful burgundy scarf can be mixed with different colors jackets and outfits.

3. Buy Cheap, but don't be Cheap.
Large opulent gold jewelry are not to be missed this season. An ideal way of this jewelry wear them just all attention. Choose a natural outfit and finish it off with a great jewel. A gold bracelet or necklace is much more to his right when you're dressed tight in black or white. If it's a fake jewelry, go not for subtle but for  over the top. Let people see that it is an accessory and not a real faker.
7 fall/winter musthaves!
Miss Selfridge long sleeve blouse, €43 / Balenciaga Fur and Wool coat, €4.865 / Modstrom skinny leg jeans €85 / Lipsy high heel shoes, €43 / Valentino shoulder handbag, €2.145 / Snake bracelet, trunkv €24,95 / Metallic Gold Top, trunkv €54,95

4. Stretch Your Budget
Do you have a small budget but still want to like all fashionable items this season hanging in your closet? Mix and match the items above for the overall look that suits you within your budjet. Hope this will help you! 

DIOR Creates Golden Temporary Tattoos

Do you doubt when you are taking a real or a fake tattoo? Actual jewelry? Soo last season. After all, there's no need to wear jewelry on your body when you can save time by sporting it on your skin. Plus, when you wear it you'll never get dinged by airport security. Oh fashion, sometimes you are so ridiclousy opulent. But we are still lovin it. Dior has created a line of temporary tattoos that are made of 24 carat gold in case you have a buch of money and nowhere to blow it.
This line is designed by Dior jewelry designer Camille Micelli, the French fashion house took the temporary trend and gave it a touch of Midas. That's right, why wear gold jewelry when you can put gold directly on you skin in the shape of a ring or a bracelet?
The set consists of necklace bracelet, simple bracelets and rings. Yet there is something different about these tattoos because they are of 24 carat gold. For a set, you pay 92 euros converted. It is quite a lot of money to spend on it but if you are into the latest trends why not buy it? 

Review | The Rouge a Levres Hydratant Longue Tenue Sisley

Sisley is a luxury cosmetics brand with beautiful and high quality products. About skin care and makeup products of this brand, I am very impressed. A while back I bought my first Sisley lipstick (here). This week I've got a new lipstick from Sisley used, this provides more hydration and protect your lips from calendula and vitamins C and E, in this review I will tell you more about this.
As usual, the lipstick from a beautiful velvet pouch, The Rouge a Levres the has a black cover. Pictures are taken from beautymusthaves.com
The Rouge a Levres Hydratant Longue Tenue Sisley has a total of 30 colors, this all begin with the letter L. I have the lipstick color L9.
L9 is a little light red / pink color. As you can see This lipstick has a very peculiar shape. It is square and tight! The fun side is that the Sisley logo is printed on the side. As you can see in the swatch is a well pigmented lipstick. The structure is creamy with a subtle pink shine through.
I am very pleased with this lipstick, besides that I change the color and the sleeve I really like, I'm really happy with the quality. This lipstick moisturizes really well and moreover, the color properly seated. By separate angular shape I can easily afford without the lipstick off my lips to shoot. The lipstick Sisley Rouges à Lèvres Hydratants Longue Kit consists of 30 colors and is available at the luxury perfumery for € 37.50.


Hello lovely readers! Still fourteen days to go and halloween is almost coming and I thought maybe should I post some nail inspirations inspired by halloween? Here are some nail art inspirations and a do it yourself tutorial, pictures are taken from google.