DIOR Creates Golden Temporary Tattoos

Do you doubt when you are taking a real or a fake tattoo? Actual jewelry? Soo last season. After all, there's no need to wear jewelry on your body when you can save time by sporting it on your skin. Plus, when you wear it you'll never get dinged by airport security. Oh fashion, sometimes you are so ridiclousy opulent. But we are still lovin it. Dior has created a line of temporary tattoos that are made of 24 carat gold in case you have a buch of money and nowhere to blow it.
This line is designed by Dior jewelry designer Camille Micelli, the French fashion house took the temporary trend and gave it a touch of Midas. That's right, why wear gold jewelry when you can put gold directly on you skin in the shape of a ring or a bracelet?
The set consists of necklace bracelet, simple bracelets and rings. Yet there is something different about these tattoos because they are of 24 carat gold. For a set, you pay 92 euros converted. It is quite a lot of money to spend on it but if you are into the latest trends why not buy it? 

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