We can already bowled swoon at the prospect of the sauna. Immerse ourselves in the Turkish baths, sweating in the sauna, cool off in the plunge pool. But what does a sauna actually do to your body?
The flu! Alternating the hot sauna with a cold plunge pool is a very good workout for the body. During the alternating heat and cold, the body itself still thawing. This "training" as it were you resist giving you far more resistant to the flu. And something that keeps us from hundreds of hours in bed, we always find good.
Sweating it- Avoid using soap when rinsing, cleaner than in the sauna process can not be your skin. Your pores, which occurred during the thermal process have opened your grease with soap as it were shut, and that's a shame because this hindered the deep cleansing of your skin.
It enhances the blood circulation- The deep cleansing of the skin is caused by the relaxation of blood circulation in your body. At high temperature vewijden your arteries, like your pores. When cool, tighten them again. This sets in motion the circulation which makes for a good circulation in all organs.
Skin like never before- By loosen the dead skin cells and deep clean the skin will recover more quickly and the skin softer and smoother. Lubricate you at the end with a body cream to this effect last longer. Did you go to a sauna before?

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