How To Make | Smokey Eyes

They make you irresistible: smokey eyes. That is, if you know how to make this eye makeup. Just practice and you steal the show at any party. There are many makeup products for sale. What when a favorite, can the other just do not work. So find the products you like. These really do not need the most expensive brand.
What do you need for your smokey-eyes? A face-wash or cleanser milk. A matte foundation and a kohl eye liner . An eyeshadow, a dark and slightly lighter color. Mascara, cotton swabs and a mirror.
Start with a clean slate. The basis for a good makeup to make a clean face. Ensure that all traces of old makeup or blemishes removed. This can be a foamy face wash or mild cleanser, then use always a tonic to the pores to close again. Before you begin, take your first layer of foundation around your eyes So work your small spots and dark circles away and you ensure that your eyes are not fat.
Now the real work can begin. Along the lashline of your upper lid, draw a straight line. Make sure the line is close as possible to the lashesedge , so as to minimize skin is visible. With your finger or a cotton swab you blur the line from bottom to top. Let the line at the end of the eye light upward bending.
The secret of a beautiful smokey-eye, is that of the dark to become lighter going until you see almost nothing. Apply an eyeshadow that you like, from bottom to top and from outside to inside to. Let these increasingly blurred. Use the entire eyelid, up to the arcade arch shape. Follow the shape of your eyebrows for an extra stylish result. And our smokey-eyes are almost finished.
The finishing touch and the easiest part of the smokey eyes is mascara. The following applies: the thicker the better! Use either volume mascara for ultimate effect: fake lashes. A eye shadow under your eyes  in the same color as above gives it a nice effect.

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