I'm still considering what I really want and what I will really wear. A subtle difference between the ears, but signifcant for purse. So the must haves and the wanna-haves for this season are already separated and sorted and outfitts laid out so that you can watch.
Musthaves:                                                                                                                 Wannahaves:
-Burgundy Leggings or Pants                                                                                   -Metallic Shoes
-Large Golden Jewelry                                                                                             -Fur Coat
-White Blouse                                                                                                          -Studded Boots
-Metallic Top                                                                                                            -Leopard Print Clutch
9 fall/winter alternative musthaves!
1. Necklace, €30 / 2. Cliffon top, H&M €18 / 3. Miso fur jacket, €68 / 4. Gloves H&M €18 /  5. Grey heels, €30 / 6. H&M slim pants, €31 / 7. Clutch purse newlook , €16 / 8. Bangle bracelet , €13

1. Classic or Trend?
Rate a garment always first on the basis of fit. Fits the model with your figure and cut it so that you look nice?
If the answer is no, hang it back immediately. A nice fit that lasts is always cheaper than discounted trendy shirts that only one season is in fashion.

2. Don't go for Colour, go for Accents
The color burgundy and oxblood red are thé colors of this season. Question in the first instance or the color fits well to your skin tone. If the answer is yes and your budget is small, go for accents like burgundy scarves, gloves, purses and bags. These are precious items that are not able to go every season. A beautiful burgundy scarf can be mixed with different colors jackets and outfits.

3. Buy Cheap, but don't be Cheap.
Large opulent gold jewelry are not to be missed this season. An ideal way of this jewelry wear them just all attention. Choose a natural outfit and finish it off with a great jewel. A gold bracelet or necklace is much more to his right when you're dressed tight in black or white. If it's a fake jewelry, go not for subtle but for  over the top. Let people see that it is an accessory and not a real faker.
7 fall/winter musthaves!
Miss Selfridge long sleeve blouse, €43 / Balenciaga Fur and Wool coat, €4.865 / Modstrom skinny leg jeans €85 / Lipsy high heel shoes, €43 / Valentino shoulder handbag, €2.145 / Snake bracelet, trunkv €24,95 / Metallic Gold Top, trunkv €54,95

4. Stretch Your Budget
Do you have a small budget but still want to like all fashionable items this season hanging in your closet? Mix and match the items above for the overall look that suits you within your budjet. Hope this will help you! 

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