My name is Bond, James Bond, my mission? Opi nail polish!

The new James Bond movie coming next week at the Cinemas. Only for men?! No way! OPI showed that showing 'Skyfall' nail polish collection. The collection contains no less than 13 different colors. What the funny thing is that the nailpolishes, that they all have a name given to a Bond movie. For example, there the 'Tommorow never dies', a purple-like color and 'Die another day', a red nail polish.
Of course there is also a very special lacquer in the collection, 'The man with the golden gun' is made of 18-carat gold leaf. It is a topcoat and that means that you make it over your regular nail polish. The effect of this is real gold pieces on your nails. However, this limited paint sold in the Netherlands for € 39.95. The rest of the nail polishes are € 13.95. What is also nice, you can buy a mini-kit for only € 17.95.
Not sure which color you like or what color suits your skin tone? On the website of OPI have a tool with which you can test.

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