FASHION LOVER? The Latest Trends

Finding the perfect dress is always a mission in itself. But in December, there are no less than 3 days when we want to look fabulous! This year we see a lot of glitter and lace, also may again nice and short dresses. These days I will be posting about the latest trends.
LUXURIOUS LACE During the fashion week we could not avoid all, in almost every show was a piece of lace to confess, and we understand why! It looks luxurious and it is everywhere.
COLORED PANTS Colored trousers and leggings, you see them everywhere. Every woman \ ou at least one in her wardrobe must have! So do you have no one in the house? Put here your inspiration! Beautiful with a simple basic shirt and a sturdy boot.
FUN FUR Designers surfaced this winter massively fur. In all variants came on the catwalk over, from fake-fake to real fur. A designer made ​​it really 'fur' Alexander McQueen took great in this theme. Nice, but not very suitable for the street would say!
BIKER MANIA You see them everywhere and they are in our opinion essential in your wardrobe: the biker jacket and biker boots. Wear your biker boots with black skinny or just under shorts for a rock chick look. You exchange your jacket for a biker jacket to complete your outfit.
TANGERINE TANGO Warm orange and burgundy hues are a favorite this fall. The colors of autumn leaves are all in there again. Mix orange with soft coral tones and dark burgundy for a nice gradient. A 'sparkle' gold there and you're ready for fall!
WATCH THE SLIDES! The last in the series is Paris fashion weeks. After Amsterdam, New York, London and Milan, it is now the turn of the city where is the most promising designers have their roots. Veronique Branquinho the ball rolling and slowly come all designers from Paris to bid.
PRETTY IN PRINT Prints are hot this winter. Especially the diamonds and baroque patterns is reflected by many designers. Combine the prints also consider them together in layers with rib and fur for an exciting effects! Are you pretty in print?
THE PARKA If there is a jacket with the head stands out this winter it's the parka. We see it in real variety of materials, from canvas to nylon, with a fake fur or real fur. The length varies by model, from the hip to a little longer. A small band around the parka to bind together what is favorite with designers.

Review | Soapberry Cleansing Foam

Hello lovely redears! Recently I have won Banini Beauty's giveaway and one of the prizes I have won was a cleansing foam. In this blogpost I will be reviewing Soapberry's Cleansing Foam.

What does it?
A natural cleansing foam that deep cleanses inside the pores. The fine foam particles completely remove the make up and any excess residue on the skin. A natural cleanser with abundant saponon, green and citrus flavor.

How to use?
Take some foam in your hands, you really only need a little bit of it because it's really concentrating. Rub a few times in your hands so you'll get a foam pile. Apply on the face and rinse it off with lukewarm water.
Or watch the video for how to use.


$22 for 175 gram for one tube. But you can use this product for about a half year. So this product aint that expensive.

My opinion
Would I repurchase this? Yes, it's a amazing product. You only need a small amount of the product and it's enough for the whole face. I like the grape fruit scent, after using it my skin wasn't dry anymore but my skin does feel fresh and softer after using this. And the great thing is, it's suitable for all skin types!

Han Ji Min- Happy Bath Natural Cleansing Lesson.

ESSIE | New Magentic Polish Collection

There are always more new types of nail polish appear. And now comes Essie with the latest trend in nail polish, nail polish because the reptile. You lacquered nails and then creates a reptile print, it works the same as the 'crack nail polish. You have them even in different colors and each color has an original name.
How awesome is this? You have to apply two coats, after that hold the magnetic cap over the wet polish to create the effect.

DIY | Melon Bubble Tea!

Hello lovelies! Somewhere in August I did a DIY bubble tea post (here) and some people asked me if I could do a another DIY bubble tea post so today is a DIY post, to make your own melon bubble tea! I absolutly love bubble tea ^__^ and with these stips it's so easy to make, so lets get started! (pictures are taken from google)
Two cups of green tea
1/3 cup of sugar
Four cups water
A half cup of tapioca pearls
Four cups of honeydews
Four ice cubes
Two cups of orange juice
A half cup of coconut milk
1. First bring some water to a boil. Combine the green tea with sugar and set aside.
2. In a medium saucepan, bring water to boil over high heat, add some tapioca pearls. Stir lightly and let pearls float to top. Reduce heat to low and summer, uncoverd 25 minutes. Removen from heat and let the perals sit in water for about 20 minutes until they are chewy and black. Drain and rinse it under cold water. Combine in medium bowl with the tea and refrigerate until needed.
4. Blending in 2 bachtes, combine melon, ice cubes, coconut milk in the blender or a food processor. Process untill it's smooth. Place about 1/4 cup of tapioca pearls in bottom of large glass. Fill with melon mixture and the tea, serve with straws if desired. And enjoy your drink!

Cara Delevinge In Video For Dsquared2 Collection

For the first time, super model Cara Delevigne is starring in the Dsquared2 Resort Collection for Spring Summer 2013. The new collection looks stunning, check out this video! 

5 Ways To Make a Bun

It's so easy: just a bun on your head and hair out of the way. But if you have a little more time into it, you can see the most beautiful pieces of art. Here are 5 ways to make a bun.
1. The bun with braids
Take the middle lane of your hair a tail and make a kind of bun. Secure with a rubber band. Then the other two pick two beautiful braiding and twist it around the bun. Secure with pins and you're done! This bun is also suitable for ladies with shorter hair.
2. Let's twist! 
Make a loose tail in your hair. Then divide the hair above the elastic into two equal parts and twist your hair through the resulting hole. Do this until you see there little "buns". Secure with pins.
3. Elegant
Make your hair into two tails that are close together. Then turn your tails and secure it with a rubber band. For volumes let the twisted portion slightly loose draw. Then turn the tail into a bun and turn the other tail around.
4. Classic
Create a low tail. Make a hole in the middle and pass through your tail. Then tease the tail a little, for it volume. Lift your tail up and make a kind of bun. Secure with pins.
5. Braids
Although this is more a braid than a bun, it is quite special. Divide your hair as shown in Figure 1, then create a invlecht in the middle lane. Pull the braid bit loose for a messy effect. Extract the two strands to the side, turn it around and fasten to the braid.

And here are some amazing bun and braid tutorials by Suzi and Bubzbeauty.

Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese Dramas

Hello lovelies! Today I'm gonna post some amazing dramas I've seen. For the one who doesn't know what dramas are, dramas are kind of short soaps. It depends on what kind of drama you're watching because they have dramas from 6 till 100 episodes. There are a lot of great drama's but here are some awesome drama's dat I've seen. 
Korean drama: Boys before flowers
  Korean drama: You're beautiful 
Taiwanese drama: Fated to love you
Korean drama: SungKyunkwan scandal
Korean drama: Shining inheritance
Korean drama: Secret garden
Japanese drama: Hana Kimi 
Korean drama: Lie to me
Chinese drama: Meteor shower 1&2 (Review) 
 Korean drama: Rooftop prince (Review) 
Korean drama: Dream High
Korean drama: The 1st shop of coffee prince
Korean drama: Personal Preference
Korean drama: Mischievous kiss
Taiwanese drama: Single princesses and Blind dates

And here are some great site's where you can see the drama's;