5 Ways To Make a Bun

It's so easy: just a bun on your head and hair out of the way. But if you have a little more time into it, you can see the most beautiful pieces of art. Here are 5 ways to make a bun.
1. The bun with braids
Take the middle lane of your hair a tail and make a kind of bun. Secure with a rubber band. Then the other two pick two beautiful braiding and twist it around the bun. Secure with pins and you're done! This bun is also suitable for ladies with shorter hair.
2. Let's twist! 
Make a loose tail in your hair. Then divide the hair above the elastic into two equal parts and twist your hair through the resulting hole. Do this until you see there little "buns". Secure with pins.
3. Elegant
Make your hair into two tails that are close together. Then turn your tails and secure it with a rubber band. For volumes let the twisted portion slightly loose draw. Then turn the tail into a bun and turn the other tail around.
4. Classic
Create a low tail. Make a hole in the middle and pass through your tail. Then tease the tail a little, for it volume. Lift your tail up and make a kind of bun. Secure with pins.
5. Braids
Although this is more a braid than a bun, it is quite special. Divide your hair as shown in Figure 1, then create a invlecht in the middle lane. Pull the braid bit loose for a messy effect. Extract the two strands to the side, turn it around and fasten to the braid.

And here are some amazing bun and braid tutorials by Suzi and Bubzbeauty.

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