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Hello lovelies! About two weeks ago was my birthday and it was so nice and fun! My friends were coming and we had eaten a lot of yummy food. And I have got a lot of lovely presents. And this is a manicure set I have got from my niece. For a polish addicted is this a perfect present haha! 
Wonder Cuticle & Nail Remedy Pen- Brilliant nails and healthy cuticles within 14 days. You are suposed to rub the pen over your nails and cuticles and allow the oil to be absorbed. 

Natural Nail Whitener- French manicure in a single step! This unique polish makes the nail tips brilliantly white and intensífies the natural rosy colour of the nail bed. It also camouflages nail discoloration. 

Glass Nail File- Durable and very hygienic. The fine structure closes the nail plates. It also gently files the nails and prevents them from splitting. Wich is very handy for me! 

Herôme Supershine- The super shine is a nail file with two different sides and created a natural look in just two steps. 

Herôme Cuticle Pusher- An indispensable accessory in manicures. It makes the cuticles pushes back responsibility. 

24 Hour Protective Hand Cream- Improves the condition of dry and cracked skin within two weeks. With sun protection to avoid UV rays, so it is also very suitable for the summer! 

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