DIY | Melon Bubble Tea!

Hello lovelies! Somewhere in August I did a DIY bubble tea post (here) and some people asked me if I could do a another DIY bubble tea post so today is a DIY post, to make your own melon bubble tea! I absolutly love bubble tea ^__^ and with these stips it's so easy to make, so lets get started! (pictures are taken from google)
Two cups of green tea
1/3 cup of sugar
Four cups water
A half cup of tapioca pearls
Four cups of honeydews
Four ice cubes
Two cups of orange juice
A half cup of coconut milk
1. First bring some water to a boil. Combine the green tea with sugar and set aside.
2. In a medium saucepan, bring water to boil over high heat, add some tapioca pearls. Stir lightly and let pearls float to top. Reduce heat to low and summer, uncoverd 25 minutes. Removen from heat and let the perals sit in water for about 20 minutes until they are chewy and black. Drain and rinse it under cold water. Combine in medium bowl with the tea and refrigerate until needed.
4. Blending in 2 bachtes, combine melon, ice cubes, coconut milk in the blender or a food processor. Process untill it's smooth. Place about 1/4 cup of tapioca pearls in bottom of large glass. Fill with melon mixture and the tea, serve with straws if desired. And enjoy your drink!

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