DIY | Sugar Scrubs

The constant, drastic changes in temperature and humitity have me finally anderstanding the disaster that is dry skin in the winter. That's why I love a homemde scrub. It's the perfect exfoliation and because you can make it yourself, it's cheap and fun to mix up different combinations. 
What you will need: 
- One tablespoon of sugar
- One tablespoon of olive oil
- One drop of vanilla extract
- One teaspoon of lemon juice
Mix all the stuff together and aplly it on your face. And let it on your face for about ten or fiveteen minutes. Rinse it off with luke warm water. Don't forget to apply a day or night cream! 

When you have a sensitive skin, you have to be careful as to what you put on your face and body. This simple facial scrub helps reduce skin irritation caused by sun damage, or a dereditary skin condition. 
You will need:
- A half cup of oatmeal
- One table spoon of vitamin E oil
- Tree drops of lavender essential (optional)
Blend all ingredients together, apply to the skin for about ten minutes, and rinse off with luke warm water. Apply a gentle face lotion or cream to lock in moisture. 

As we age to start to lose moisture in our skin, and need to replace it. We also tend to have more dead skin cells accumulate on the surface due to moisture loss. Exfoliation is the key when improving the look of mature skin. Using this easy, natural facial scrub two or tree times a week can brighten your skin and enhance cell renewal and growth. 
What you will need:
- Two tablespoons of sugar
- Tree tablespoons of water
- One teaspoon lemon juice
Blend all tree ingrediets until you get a nice paste. Dampen your face with warm water, and aplly facial scrub. Exfolate for two or tree minutes very gently and rinse off. Follow with a hydrating moisturiser for mature skin. 

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