FASHION LOVER? The Latest Trends

Finding the perfect dress is always a mission in itself. But in December, there are no less than 3 days when we want to look fabulous! This year we see a lot of glitter and lace, also may again nice and short dresses. These days I will be posting about the latest trends.
LUXURIOUS LACE During the fashion week we could not avoid all, in almost every show was a piece of lace to confess, and we understand why! It looks luxurious and it is everywhere.
COLORED PANTS Colored trousers and leggings, you see them everywhere. Every woman \ ou at least one in her wardrobe must have! So do you have no one in the house? Put here your inspiration! Beautiful with a simple basic shirt and a sturdy boot.
FUN FUR Designers surfaced this winter massively fur. In all variants came on the catwalk over, from fake-fake to real fur. A designer made ​​it really 'fur' Alexander McQueen took great in this theme. Nice, but not very suitable for the street would say!
BIKER MANIA You see them everywhere and they are in our opinion essential in your wardrobe: the biker jacket and biker boots. Wear your biker boots with black skinny or just under shorts for a rock chick look. You exchange your jacket for a biker jacket to complete your outfit.
TANGERINE TANGO Warm orange and burgundy hues are a favorite this fall. The colors of autumn leaves are all in there again. Mix orange with soft coral tones and dark burgundy for a nice gradient. A 'sparkle' gold there and you're ready for fall!
WATCH THE SLIDES! The last in the series is Paris fashion weeks. After Amsterdam, New York, London and Milan, it is now the turn of the city where is the most promising designers have their roots. Veronique Branquinho the ball rolling and slowly come all designers from Paris to bid.
PRETTY IN PRINT Prints are hot this winter. Especially the diamonds and baroque patterns is reflected by many designers. Combine the prints also consider them together in layers with rib and fur for an exciting effects! Are you pretty in print?
THE PARKA If there is a jacket with the head stands out this winter it's the parka. We see it in real variety of materials, from canvas to nylon, with a fake fur or real fur. The length varies by model, from the hip to a little longer. A small band around the parka to bind together what is favorite with designers.

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