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It is Autumn but body hair is simply not fashionable. So whether it is summer or winter: hairy legs, armpits and other parts just can not. Shaving is a must! But how do you avoid those red bumps and ingrown hairs? Here are five tips!
1. Schrubbing before shaving
By exfoliating you prevent ingrown hairs, dead skin cells clog namely her babies. For us enough reason to consider that shaved legs more often subject to extensive scrub-turn. Take a gentle scrub, which accounts for a sensitive skin. DIY Scrubs (here)
2. No blunt knives
Use, under any circumstances, old or dull blades. Hairs are not properly shaved off which can cause irritation. Use a razor blade than five times and arrange for replacement!
3. Heat
For those who shave under cold water: bad news! Cold water closes the pores making the skin and the hairs are stiffer and harder to shave. For best results shave under lukewarm water: then your hair softer and more open your pores.
4. For once and for always
We read all about whether or not the hair growth meescheren. Now here, the final answer: shaving the hair growth. This means that you usually downwards shave. Your skin becomes therefore much less irritated. For ladies who do not get smooth results, shave first with the hair growth, shaving and finally, once, against the hair growth.
5. ointments
Lubricate your body after shaving always with a moisturizing cream. PFB Vanish even has a product developed specifcallu for shaving ailments. This ointment, also in a roller form acts specifcally against shaving irritation, ingrown hairs and red razor bumps. What are you insider tips?

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