How to | Avoid a bad breath

You have your favorite outfit, your makeup is perfect and your hair fantastic. Better not start your day, until one of your girlfriends ask if you want maybe a gum? Aaah, nothing is more annoying than bad breath. Read the tips to prevent this!
Bad breath can be caused by insufficient hygiene, gum problems or scraps of food between the teeth are "hiding". In other words: bacteria that nestle in your mouth. Bad breath in the morning can be caused when you breathe through your mouth at night: this dries out your mouth and your saliva, the bacteria can not break.
Tip 1
Good hygiene is a must. Therefore Brush your teeth at least two, but preferably three times a day. Rinse below with an antibacterial solution, so you are sure that all bacteria are gone.
Tip 2
Do not have a toothbrush within reach, but accidentally parsley, fennel or mint? You can also use these ingredients to combat bad breath. Grab a sprig of parsley or mint and chew on it. By the twig to chew come antibacterial substances are released, causing odors disappear. Keep the fennel seeds and the only times it between your teeth fine for the same effect.
Tip 3
Do you not have a toothbrush, parsley, fennel or mint within reach? Take a gum. Preferably on the basis of currency and without sugar. Sugar makes the bacteria in your mouth just stronger, so that nasty smell will linger. By chewing create saliva in your mouth, and let you just say saliva need that nasty bacteria.
Tip 4
Drink gallons of water. As mentioned above: saliva kills bacteria. With water you ensure that your saliva arrow well maintained and have less chance of bacteria!
Tip 5
During teeth brushing ritual, don't forget to scrape your tongue clean. This gives you much more bacteria from your mouth and you are less likely to have bad breath. Many toothbrushes have on the back of their head a tongue scraper down. Don't have onet? Then go looking for one!
Tip 6
Prefer not to eat foods that are difficult to digest, in example fried foods. onion, garlic, coffee and cigarettes you can better avoid.

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