How To | Avoid A Dry Skin

Whether it is summer in the air and the sun or the winter cold and wind dry skin always plays on. Not really that fun of dandruff and red patches on your skin. Here 6 tidbits to dry skin to prevent or reduce.
1. Food
Everything you slide it has effects on or in your body. Also at dry skin. Briefly summarized eat vitamins and minerals until you drop, eat fiber (also good for bowel movement), drink, spoon or eat enough dairy, eat twice weekly red meat for the proteins and provide enough omega 3 (which is mainly in fatty fish). You're quite close to healthy skin from the inside out.
2. Smoking
How fine a cigarette can be, smoking is really a NO-GO for people with such troublesome skin. Smoking minimizes the fluid balance in your body and this is very detrimental for dry skin.
3. Back in the days
Dry skin, also seems a real ailment of "now", and the bath is causing this. Do you suffer from dry skin? Go up twice a week in the bath and use soap rather than oil-based soap. The more soap lather, the harder they degreased.
4. Soap? Rather not! 
As we said above already, but soap is actually a great enemy of the dry skin. Because we are still fresh for the day to come: Use only pH neutral soap or soap-based oil. Lubricate after you with a nice thick body cream. No milk, because it dries the skin further.
5. Sleep tight
Say no to parties, and sleep from now on every day at 23:00 and then eight hours. During sleep restores the skin and because it has a dry skin badly. Put also a container of water in your heater, this increases the humidity in your room making your skin less moisture loss.
6. Excercise
Take a bike, walking the stair and go an extra round jogging. Because yes, also move your skin is better. Exercise promotes the circulation and shows good results for our skin. What are you doing to combat dry skin?

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