How to | Shape your face with make-up

If you are not satisfied with the shape of your face, nose or chin? So do you easily change. No we are not talking about plastic surgery, but about 'shaping'. In the theater it for years, but now the tips to make it easy to do yourself.
Cheekbone- You think of yourself that you have to be convex? This is easy to solve by shaping  your face. You do this by shadows applied with powder just below your cheekbones. Watch out with too dark colors, because we obviously do not want to appear like a combat fighter.
Nose- We can also shaping the nose by working with shadow colors. Take the side of your nose with the shadow color a small triangle. Sounds crazy, but again, do not make it too dark. Hold the bridge of your nose lighter so it pretty emerges
Chin- Are you crazy about your double chin? Again you bring a shadow color, but now the bottom of your chin to the top of your neck. In this tip you must be very careful not to proceed to a weird makeup line to get. Do not start right away with a thick layer, but try it out gently.

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