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Hello lovelies! Today I'm gonna post some amazing dramas I've seen. For the one who doesn't know what dramas are, dramas are kind of short soaps. It depends on what kind of drama you're watching because they have dramas from 6 till 100 episodes. There are a lot of great drama's but here are some awesome drama's dat I've seen. 
Korean drama: Boys before flowers
  Korean drama: You're beautiful 
Taiwanese drama: Fated to love you
Korean drama: SungKyunkwan scandal
Korean drama: Shining inheritance
Korean drama: Secret garden
Japanese drama: Hana Kimi 
Korean drama: Lie to me
Chinese drama: Meteor shower 1&2 (Review) 
 Korean drama: Rooftop prince (Review) 
Korean drama: Dream High
Korean drama: The 1st shop of coffee prince
Korean drama: Personal Preference
Korean drama: Mischievous kiss
Taiwanese drama: Single princesses and Blind dates

And here are some great site's where you can see the drama's;

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