Christmas has ended, and that means you have eaten a lot of chocolate and other tasty things. Unfortunately for us, you see that sometimes back in the form of a beautiful round red pimple in the middle of your nose. Just before you get to a party. So here are some tips to reduce your pimples.
Young and old (er)
First I would like to point out that the skin of an adolescent girl, must be handled differently than the skin of a woman. This is because the skin when it is older, is less easily recovers. It is often drier and therefore more sensitive. Aggressive anti-acne remedies are an older skin is not a good idea.
Although this one for the same generally applies the following rule: you notice a difference when eating certain products? Do not eat them. Try lots of fresh fruit and vegetables to eat so that your immune system functions optimally and your waste properly disposed. Do not forget to drink (preferably 2 to 3 liters per day), this also helps you eliminate waste, making the cleaning process accelerates.
A good cleaning is a must for those with tough skin. Try both morning and evening to clean your face with a mild cleanser. Be kind to your skin, do not go in the back with scrub gloves or aggressive products. This can open your skin, thereby increasing the risk of infection is bigger. For a good cleaning steam your face. This will open your pores, making the cleaning process can take its course.
Are you very stressed? Then you have more chance of pimples. Grab a good book, go shopping, or, even better, a workout. When you exercise you improve the blood circulation and accelerates the process of waste disposal. Additionally you sweat the impurities from your pores.
If you fall asleep bacteria will fall on your bedding. When you here again come into contact, hand happen that pimples will irritate or that (more) pimples occur. To prevent you (more) gets pimples, it is therefore wise to linens, towels and hats and bonnets regularly wash.

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