All About False Lashes & Queens Look

Lashes, Lashes Lashes and again, we can not do without! Mascara is the best selling makeup product and that makes sense. The eyes are literally our eye-catcher, beautiful eyelashes are a must have. Gucci and Giorgio Armani showed their Spring 2013 show that false lashes quickly to provide a beautiful look. Go for the natural look, gives your false lashes a try out and get the look.
Almost every woman ever complains about too short lashes and the eternal quest for the best mascara. This is no longer necessary thanks to L'Oreal Paris Renewal Lash Serum! You bring it twice daily to clean lashes (morning and evening) and without it you get it do you feed your lashes, they are stronger and grow faster. For sale for € 22,95.
The British Queen is celebrating its 65-year reign era. Also want to have a "Queens look?" Make your hair a sixities bun, slightly convex on the crown and finish with a "sparkling" diamond tiara. Tasty bold lashes or a piece of false eyelashes give you an irresistible glance. A glansje on the eyelid, just above the lips make you girly queens look completely. Go for the crown!

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