The first fluff have been spotted, and many girls have been suffering from flyaways. Due to the differences in temperature inside and outside your hair gets a blow to endure. Read on and find five tricks to optimize your hair care!
Just by biting
Despite that, when it is cold, extra nice is to wash your hair with hot water, dries your hair out tremendously. Choose the location for this tepid or cold water. Just persevere so!
Always use a conditioner. The temperature difference is your hair extra dry, and it can be a little extra power use. Also try it with cold water to wash when you rinse the conditioner with cold water closes the cuticles, making them more automatic fluid retention. Do you suffer from oily hair? Apply the conditioner only on the ends to.
Wash your hair too often, but try it 2 or 3 times a week to wash. By washing your hair too often dries out even more, and that is not good for your hair. Also refers (excess) shampoo the natural oils from your hair and scalp and you disrupt the natural healing process. Do you suffer from hair that fast fat? Then use a dry shampoo, brush well!
Use hair masks
Use once a week a mask that is suitable for your hair. Bring it on and let it soak. Protect it during the period with a shower cap or a damp towel. Then flush it out.
By wearing hats, hats and caps can make your hair very static. Try it in the fall and winter months, less frequent brushing. Try a brush made ​​of the same material as your hair. For example, use a comb made ​​of horn, or "real" hair.

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