HOW TO | Prevent Colds In December

The runny nose is gone. Cold is one of the infectious diseases, the most prevalent. When your body is working properly, your body the cold viruses are harmless and you do not catch a cold. But how do you ensure that your body is working properly upcoming festive season?
Vitamin A and C
If your immune system which is weakened bacteria have the chance to heal. So make sure the your immune system functions optimally and take extra vitamin pills and lots of fruit. Vitamin A also helps to prevent a cold. Vitamin A is found among other oily fish, egg yolk and red vegetables.
Enough sleep
Rest is very important. If you are tired, your immune system performs less well. So make sure that you have at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night have, and that you are well rested.
Reduce sugar intake
Sugar weakens the immune system. Although sugar so terribly nice, it has the nasty habit of our energy use. This means that sugar include our vitamins and minerals destroyed. So try to use a lot of sugar to avoid. Word not panicked into avoiding sugar, there are plenty of products where low sugar and natural form occurs, this is not harmful to you.
Avoid skin contact
This virus spreads through skin contact. It is therefore wise to keep your hands more often to wash (if you did not do). People who are at least five times a day, wash their hands, reduce the risk of colds significantly. Note also near toilets. Many people wash their hands after urination and spread as viruses through door handles. Take in your sopbeurten doorknobs, keyboards etc.
Don't smoke
Smokers are twice as likely to catch a cold than non-smokers. Are you a smoker? Take an extra vitamin pill every day for your immune system to maintain. Do you have any tips to prevent colds? Check out this lovely giveaway from Lavenderlilac Dream here! 

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