How to | Keep your skin healthy in the winter

Approximately 50 percent of all men and women in winter suffer from dry skin. It seems as if there is nothing to do and whether it is a matter of waiting until spring, but that is not true. You can certainly make sure that your skin in winter well hydrated. A few tips.
Drink more water
Water hydrates the skin from within. In the summer, drinking extra water almost automatically, but in the winter it is important. Drink the water than at room temperature or even warmer. Add a little salt to the water to ensure that the body can absorb it better.
Be carefull of salt
Choose only salt if you have the idea, what are dehydrated. Furthermore, you better take it easy with salty foods, because too much salt can lead to dehydration of the skin.
Avoid soap with sulphates
Many modern soaps contain sulfates. These ensure that good soap lather. However sulfates solve the natural oils from the skin, making it drier. So choose a preferred variant without sulfates, thus you can be clean.
Use jojoba oil
Jojoba oil similar to the oil which the skin naturally produces to remain flexible. Lubricate the skin with oil after showering, then it is best absorbed through the skin. Alternatives for jojoba oil are coconut oil, sesame oil, and shea butter and cocoa.
Choose for natural care
Spend you like a moisturizer? Make sure that there is one without oil. A moisturizer with petroleum brings a layer on the skin, but moisturizes it not. It prevents the skin precisely for its natural oil production. Natural skin care products contain no petroleum and are therefore better for the skin.
Drink less caffeine
Caffeine in coffee and tea can dry out the skin. Only with herbal teas you will not be affected. For a beautiful, smooth skin so you can vary between herbal tea or plain water.

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