Let me sleep! A good night's sleep

The days are getting shorter, it gets dark quickly. For many people good reason to bed early to crawl. But what if you can not get to sleep? Here are 5 tips to make a dash to fall asleep.
Tip 1- Routine
Make sure you have a routine before you go to bed. Take your makeup off, read a book or drink a cup of herbal tea. Your body gets used to this, and these actions can then get in 'sleep mode' coming. Please note, if you want to drink tea, a cup of herbal tea that is. There is no caffeine. Good teas are: chamomile, passionflower, lavender, valerian, oats and ginseng.
Tip 2- Everything off!
Make sure all of your monitors in your bedroom off. The TV, computer and your phone will make you restless. The light from these devices is so bright that your brains in the active mode shooting. Do you enjoy a little light in your room? Put a soft light on.
Tip 3- Write
Burden of worrying at night? Make sure that there is always a small notebook beside your bed and write down what is currently in your head grinds. There you put three actions that the next day will take to the problem.
Tip 4- Meditation
Make sure your bedroom is pleasantly lit (no bright lights) and go on your bed sit cross-legged. Concentrate on a particular spot on your wall and try to focus on only there.
Tip 5- Breath
Your thoughts wander off? Start again: turn your attention back to the wall. In the meantime, you have to pay attention to your breathing. Breathe in through your nose, and make sure your stomach expands when you do this. There are many YouTube videos available that can help you with your breathing. Do you have tips to get to sleep?

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