Matcha is the most exciting rediscovery in the tea world of the 21st century. More than 800 years ago Matcha manufactured by Buddhist monks as a meditation drink. Nowadays Matcha is the finest and rarest tea in Japan and other countries.
More and more people are discovering it and now the food industry has also recognized the potential of Matcha tea. Matcha is a raw material of choice can be used to prepare pleasure. Products with green tea flavor like Irish chocolate, candy makers, ice makers, star chefs and gastronomes have been offering matcha ice cream, truffles Matcha, Matcha chocolate, desserts Matcha, Matcha Matcha latte and smoothies to.
The last four weeks before harvest is placed the tea plants in the shade with mats or sailing. The plant responds with an increased production of the chlorophyll which also enhances the flavor. During harvest only the finest tea leaves selected. These are then steamed, dried and pulverized (in a traditional stone mortar) so that eventually remains a green powder. Matcha is mainly used during the official Japanese tea ceremony. Hereby the powder with water at a 60 to 70 ° C, is whipped to a frothy green liquid. Depending on the quality of tea is this fluid thicker or termer, whipping never more than a 30 seconds or your tea is too bitter. It is an exclusive drink, which tastes bitter and very rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It also contains caffeine.
After steam the tea leaf, they are grinded by a millstone without knead. You can effectively absorb the nutrients from the Matcha green tea. Matcha green tea is thought of using just at the tea ceremony, it is not always true. You can always drink at your home. And it is easy to make it.
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Since the holidays are coming I just wanted to share some Christmas nails inspirations.

Sara Nail Art Institute

Why is a cold shower good?

Taking a cold shower? No I prefer cold but lately I have read some good things about taking a cold shower. As a torture for some. So here are five tips why taking a cold shower is good for the body. First: with a cold shower, I really mean cold water. No combination with hot water to make it nicer.

Better circulation
Hot water improves blood circulation in the blood vessels, cold water ensures in turn that the organs get a better flow. So regularly between hot and cold and try to finish with cold water. In this way, the general circulation of the body will be optimally stimulated.
Hot water opens the pores, which is good, because now all the dirt is removed. However, it is also intended that the pores protect the skin from excess debris. Therefore it is wise to end with a cold shower to make sure that the pores are close.
Shine bright like a diamond
Cold water also has the nice property that it gives the hair more shine. And that is something we all want. The skin closes off because of the cold water. This gives your hair the opportunity to become stronger and to be shine more.
Dark under eyes
Cold water keeps the blood vessels having a better control and therefore causes less swelling, which is causing the dark circles under the eyes.
Last but not leasr, nothing is finer and fresher than standing up after a refreshing shower. You are (for the morning douchers) equal tasty awake and fresh. For the evening, it is a good occasion to wash all the hassles of the day, And nothing is finer than after cuddle under the bed sheets. Are you a fan of cold showers?
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REVIEW ETUDE HOUSE Sweet Recipe Cupcake Eyeshadow

 Hello lovely readers! You may know that I recently got some lovely stuff from my friend, including the Sweet Eye Cupcake eyeshadow from Etude House's Sweet Recipe line. Incase you have not seen the Sweet Recipe line yet, click then HERE. So today I am going to review the Sweet eye cupcake eyeshadow. Read more about this product in this blogpost.
Loved by 2NE1’s Dara and SHINee, the Etude House Sweet Eye Cupcake Eyeshadow duo is a unique baked eyeshadow duo that is packaged in a tin that resembles a cute cupcake!
- Each eyeshadow duo is baked 24 hours straight for enhanced staying power and color pay-off.
- Highflex glitter and multi-dimension opal pearl reflects light so that eyes appear bigger and brighter.
- The Sweet Eye Cupcake Eyeshadow Duo is great worn together or individually and is available in 4 different color duos: Banana Choco Chip, Cloud Cookie, Sweet Kiss Campbell Grape, and Sweet Peach.

I have received the Etude House Sweet Eye Cupcake #3 in Peach and Honey. While the size probably is not ideal for those that like things compact. It is an imitation cupcake, you have to admit that it is very cute!
I got this product as a present but it's sold for $9,50 If you are interested in this product you can buy in stores where Asian make-up is sold. Or if there is not any Asian make-up store at your location you can buy it online where Asian cosmetics is sold like kkcenterhk,, w2beauty, bbcreamboutique etc.
The colours mixed with each other in a half the lid brighter cream-white colour and other half of the lid pink peach-coloured, it looks really pretty. The cream-white/yellow colour is sparkly whilst the pink-peach colour has a more metallic shine to it. Combined together, both of the colours look really good.
Though despite how pigmented they looked from the container, they do not apply the same way. It ends up a bit sheer that you need to pack it on a bit to get them to show up strongly. Though alongside that, you will also get a lot of glitter. But the texture is pretty fine and easy to brush away. 
Although it was not that pigmented it wasn't bad for me. I am not that big fan on bold colors or are sort of easing into makeup. Sweet Peach isn’t outrageous, being a golden and pink shade, so it should work on most skin tones. Though also being sheer, it might take a bit more layering for it to show up on darker skin tones. This product is small enough to throw in your purse or handbag and take along for a touch-up. Rate: ♥♥♥♥♥ 4/5
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'A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous' -COCO CHANEL
Fashion can be bought, style one must possess.