REVIEW | HB Lash Queen Sexy Blacks Waterproof Mascara

Today I want to show you the HB Queen Queen Sexy Blacks waterproof mascrara. It looks like the mascara from Helena Rubinstein. Inspired by lace, refined lingerie and sensual feminine curves, has LASH QUEEN SEXY BLACKS a daring proposal for the glance.
A must: LASH QUEEN SEXY BLACKS is absolutely feminine and refined. If a black lace corset lingerie envelops the gold metal sleeve, such as fine and soft hand the skin of a woman more beautiful.
By irresistible volume of eyelashes is the glance seductive than ever, thanks to the "90-60-90" brush, inspired by the perfect curves of a woman, and the volumevermeerderende formula. It reminds me of the High Definition mascara from Lancôme. 
Overall and my opinion
This mascara has a really easy to use soft lash comb That grabs every individual lash. It is nicely and does not clump lashes, while thickening and lengthening mascara quite well. This does not budge and the removal is oke since it's waterproof. I would definitely buy this one again, I would recommend this one if you want longer and volume lashes. 

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  1. Nice packaging, will check it out when i go to the mall. Thanks ^^