Heavy metal! On almost every fashion item that you encounter. In 2012 was it a must have item on any thing and now in 2013 it's still a must have and my favorite! Studs and spikes are here. We get the metal trim not only on jackets, shoes but even on nails we saw the trend. Are you going for "studded"?
Designers such as Burberry Prorsum were one of the first with "heavy metal" in the trench coat. Many labels now followed and especially the biker jacket is a popular item for studs!
A collar of long metal tubes with beads. Makes every blouse a particular item. I love it!
Rihanna was the hit of the last Coachella festival in America. She wore a denim shorts with studs and fill was "da bomb"!
Bag with studs we see quite often. This has some 'heavier' studs and therefore a tough and rugged look!
There are some shoes with studs now, look out for these loafers and high heels!  You should definitely not step on them with your bare feets.
The earring is obviously an outstanding item That you can hang on much. Here beautiful conical spikes That the earring give a rugged look!
We see a lot of clothes with studs. Particularly is this collar on this sweater. The studs and beads on a leather piece sewn. Tough! Especially the 'matching' nails

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