Things you better not could do with your hair!

We have those habits, which can often not even have that they are not good for your hair. Therefore here are five habits for you, you would better leave.
Hair Bands
Very easy enough, just raise your hair if you do not want to do it. But keep in mind that rubber bands actually very bad for your hair. The friction can damage your hair. Esspecially if the hair band has a metal edge.
It is important that you shampoo or conditioner you use, to rinse it good . You are always more concerned with rinsing it than with the application. If you leave leftovers sitting can dry out your hair or it can be very fat.
Wet hair
Read this and never forget it: your hair is most vulnerable when wet. Try its not rough dry rub but squeeze your hair gently and place then a moisture absorbent towel over it. Wait also tie and brushing your hair until your hair is completely dry. Will you do what detangling? Then use a very wide tooth comb or your fingers.
Be kind
You always wear your hair straight to the back? Try this then what less. Because your hair is so tight weaken the roots, so your hair can go fail. Try your ponytail or bun slightly less tight, or try to wear loose more often.
Hair brush
After brushing is important to your hairs. This causes remaining gel, bacteria and dander not lie on your brush. To really cleanse you do well to your brush every four weeks to clean in a bath of shampoo.

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  1. I'm so bad for leaving my hair tied up all the time!