Hello readers! I have been very busy this week with school. Just a quik post today, I wanted to show you a few korean movie dance clips. I have been learning them for about a week, it's very fun to do and also great for your body and health!


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Are you also tired of gnawed mini nails on your hands. Stop being envious glances towards women with well groomed nails. Time to do something about it!
Tip 1 Stop the impulse
Actually, nail biting an impulse that you must unlearn. By wearing gloves (even indoors) or sticking plasters or stickers on your fingertips can hold you against this impulse.
Tip 2 A good file
Make sure you always have a small file in your bag down. Now you nasty bits and rough bumps just wegvijlen instead of this as an excuse to use for nail biting.
Tip 3 Consider the implications
Does this not help, think about the consequences that nail biting may have. So sit on nails  many bacteria that you daily to your mouth, with nasty infections result. You also have the saliva increased risk of eczema in your fingers or suffer from bad smell on your fingers. You also have a chance of ingrown nails because many biters bite nails too short. It is also not too good for your teeth. That seem to me enough reasons to stop that nail biting!
Tip 4 Anti-nail biting remedies
Still to nail biting? Take a look at what remedies that nail biting prevention. Bite-X is a fairly well-known example and is in almost any drugstore to obtain. Spread hangover mornings on your nails. If you're still biting your nails, you get a nasty bitter taste in your mouth. Then you really think twice before you bite!
Tip 6 Extra Care
Did you manage to stop? Well! But remember that your nails (by many biting) still be thinner. It is therefore not equal to solid long fingernails grow. Treat your new nails, therefore, the first few weeks extra care with nail cream and once a week with a nourishing nail bath. And what are your tips? 

TIPS | The ultimate treatment for your lips!

Sore lips, lips with sores, cracks, tears, cracks and scratches. Whatever it is, one thing is certain: during the winter, your lips did not improve. Therefore we present the ultimate treatment for your lips.
1. Keep that tongue inboard!
It is an automatism, we know it. Yet it seems to wet your lips with your tongue pretty bad for your lips to his. In your saliva are enzymes that by licking the wounds of your lips fall. Instead of your lips better, make it aggressive digestive enzymes your lips just more broken
2. Stop aggression
Look what you put on your lips! Many lip balms promise something good, but now contain many preservatives and other irritants. Through these lip balms are you, without you immediately notice, in a vicious circle because your lips do not heal, but rather further ruin.
3. Use natural products
Do you want soft lips, but no remedies or ointments? Lubricate then, before you go to sleep, a little honey on your lips. Baby oil or unsalted butter can help.
4. Remove sheets
Do you suffer from nasty sheets on your lips? Organize a scrub. This example you can do with a (not too hard) toothbrush. Apply a little lip balm on your lips, and then scrub the toothbrush over your lips. Do not be too hard. Instead of a toothbrush you can shell out a bottle of water (with ridges), a rough towel or use a sugar cube. Do not forget your lips "to grease".
5. Too painful?
Your lip is very painful, and starts knocking example. Consult a doctor in broken lips can also nest fungi and bacteria. An ointment, which you can get to the doctor, this is so fixed. Sore lips can also indicate an allergy or eczema.

TIPS for a neat scalp and beautiful hair!

Do you sometimes suffer from a sensitive, itchy or dry scalp? Nothing is more annoying when you have an important appointment and you have incredible itch on your head. You can hard all the time with your hands in your hair sit. Here are a few tips.
1. Wash with lukewarm water
Wash your hair with lukewarm water instead of hot. It might take some getting used, but it's better for your hair and especially your scalp. By washing with hot water can irritate your scalp and this has also its effects on your hair.
2. Massage your shampoo your hair thoroughly
Speed ​​does well. This also applies to your beautiful tresses. Try yourself to learn while washing shampoo your hair thoroughly massaging. This to the skin and relax the active ingredients of the shampoo.
3. So you get more volume
Do you want more volume in your hair? Then choose a shampoo that is specially designed for fine, limp hair.
4. Brush carefully and not too often
In order not to irritate your scalp, you must be careful with excessive brushing. It is also important to have the right brush to brush kiezen. Don't use very sharp hairs, but choose a variant made ​​from natural products such as bristle.
5. Once a week a mask
If you suffer from a sensitive scalp, your hair just needs a little extra care. Give your hair once a week, therefore a mask.
6. Eat healthy
Also, your diet affects the health of your hair. Essential for a nice shine and strength of your hair are proteins, vitamins and minerals. So eat as varied as possible! Make sure you have at least enough food ingest these substances. So eat enough fish (protein), vegetables (vitamins) and iron-containing vegetables (broccoli / spinach). It is also for the health of your hair is important to get enough to drink. Preferably choose water.
7. scalp Massage
We said it equally. Beautiful hair begins with a well maintained scalp. Spend a few minutes on a daily basis for a short scalp massage. This stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp and hair follicles. Make circular motions with your fingers on the scalp and move your fingertips gently back and forth. Gently squeeze the scalp with your thumb and forefinger. Start at the sides of the head and working towards the center. Finally, you like playing the piano, the skin by massaging with your fingertips lightly on the skin to beat. Thus gives you guaranteed the best out of your scalp and hair!


Creating a mask at home isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Most of the ingredients, you already have them so you’ll know exactly what’s going on your hair. Not to mention you’ll be saving some money too. Here are some  easy DIY hair masks.
Hydrating Oil Mask
What you’ll need:
4 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp honey
Heat up the olive oil for 20 seconds in the microwave before mixing it up with the honey. After you have applied it on your hair, put a shower cap on for about 20 minutes. Finish by rinsing your hair and styling as usual.

Restorative Mask
What you’ll need:
1 egg
1 banana
2 tbsp of honey
1/2 avocado
3 tbsp of virgin olive oil
3 tbsp of buttermilk
Mash the banana, egg and avocado together. Once you have a smooth mixture, stir in the buttermilk, honey and olive oil. Apply it all over your hair and let it sit for 20 minutes before rinsing. You will be left with revived, healthy-looking hair.

Mask for Shiny Hair
What you’ll need:
3 tbsp of olive oil
1/2 cup of coconut milk
1 avocado
Mash up the avocado until it’s smooth then add the coconut milk and olive oil. Once everything is mixed together heat it up in the microwave for 20 seconds. Slather all over your hair and after 30 minutes wash it all out.

Oily Hair Mask
What you’ll need:
5 tbsp of plain yogurt
1 tbsp of baking soda
1 tbsp of lemon juice
Mix the three ingredients together and rub all over your hair focusing on the roots. After 30 minutes rinse off. If your hair is extra oily try doing this mask once a week.

Make up Tips For Every Face Shape

Round face
A round face has many large areas, making it fast on a 'moon face' looks. With makeup, you can create sharper angles and length, for a mature look. By use of darker and lighter colors than your own skin tone, you can face 'shaping'. Apply a lighter foundation to under your eyes and on your chin and apply a dark blush on your cheeks, from your ear toward your mouth. Avoid shiny makeup that accentuates the curves. Choose correct for matte eye makeup, lipstick and rouge.
Oval face
This face shape is considered ideal, because the sizes are perfect. The distance from the chin to the hairline is because sixty percent longer than the distance from ear to ear. An oval face has sharp junk bones and jaw line is slightly narrower than the width of the face at the temples. In terms of hairstyles and makeup you can have everything. With a highlighter you can junk bones and eyes even more to speak. About your eyebrows, you do not have to worry, any state you well!
Square Face
The square face shape has a lot of right angles, a wide jaw line, high cheekbones, a straight and broad forehead and chin. This face shape has often a masculine appearance. In order to soften you darker rouge application to the sleep side of the forehead and the sides of the face below the junk bones. This gives you a rounder face. For a more feminine look you choose for some extra shine or glitter in your eyeshadow, powder and lip gloss. Grove and full eyebrows give this face a stern masculine charisma, pluck your eyebrows so it was narrower and care for a slight curve for an even softer look.
Long (rectangular) face
A long face is longer than it is wide. Features include a broad forehead, a long chin and cheeks, thin lips and a small nose. The cheekbones are not visible, making the face sometimes looks flat. For a fuller face bring a darker blush or foundation on the forehead near the hairline, on the cheeks below the cheekbones and on the contour line from the chin to ear. This allows more model in the face, and it is less flat. Use as eye makeup and lipstick powerful colors instead of pastel shades, this also makes your face look fuller.
Heart-shaped face
A heart shaped face has a wide forehead or chin, making it a triangular shape. The cheekbones are high and the chin is fairly striker. To face less peak to appear, bring a soft brown color rouge on the temples and above the cheekbones. Often has a heart shaped face no broad lips, a bright color to use lipstick compensate you this. For extra full lips use a lip gloss. Keep your eye makeup quieter, because you other places too much emphasis on your broad forehead.

Wich Mascara Fits YOU?

Nothing is better than elegant, beautiful and not to mention full lashes. Mascara is therefore in many women at number one, in terms of beauty product. But how do you know which among the wide range of mascara is good for you?
Lengthening mascara
Do you have short lashes and would you like to renew? Use a lengthening mascara. These mascaras have the advantage that they work with synthetic fibers, which are like small fake lashes on your existing lashes. Et voila! Long eyelashes are created.
Curly mascara
Want more curl your lashes? Use a mascara with a round brush. This mascara gives a bit of the same effect as a wimpertang and good wimpergel. This mascara works best with long, thick eyelashes because they bend easily. Do not have thick long lashes? Do you prefer a wimpertang.
More volume
Do you think your lashes are not full enough? Then brush the delicious thick. This mascara is a higher percentage of silicone polymers and waxes, because they are to your eyelash fixed nest, provide a voluminous effect.
Certainly not a bad idea with all the rain and snow for once a waterproof mascara. Even if you know you are going dancing and sweating or maybe a tear comes to a waterproof mascara solution. Do you have sensitive eyes, and you already use a mild cleansing milk? Then it might not be so nice to have a waterproof mascara, this challenge is much harder and more aggressive lotion will be removed.
Although black is the most favorite color, there are also a variety of other colors mascara. Want even more striking example at a party? Use a colored mascara. It can also be nice for a particular color eyes to a different type of color mascara to apply. Think of hazel green eyes and mascara, or blue eyes with brown mascara for a softer effect.

Movie | Burlesque ♫ ♫

About two weeks ago the movie Burlesque was on tv. I just always love watching dance and singing movies.  I've really enjoyed watching it. Christina Aquilera can not only sing very good but her acting is also not bad at all! And I just wanted to show you the song that I really like that she sang in the movie.

About the movie
Ali is a singer with a great voice from a small town fleeing hardship and an uncertain future to follow her dreams come true in Los Angeles. She ends up at The Burlesque Lounge, a majestic but dilapidated theater where an animated musical companion has shelter. Tess, owner of the club and also the headliner, give Ali a job as a waitress. The stunning costumes and bold choreography enrapture the young Burlesque singer who ever swears himself on the podium. With the help of a witty stage master and a bartender, Ali lands behind the bar on stage. Her spectacular voice restores The Burlesque Lounge to its former glory, a charismatic businessman with an enticing proposal.