Spending 571 Milion On Nail Polish?!

571 million
Nail polish is so hot that women in the USA alone, 571 million per year to spend the stuff on nail polishes. Can you imagine how much this is if you have the expense of the other parts of the world could count on in!
A luxury house nail polish?
You would almost expect that in an industry where so much money is involved, there is also a company that is completely dedicated to the production of expensive nail polish bottles. Oddly enough, this is not so. The major fashion brands such as Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent, almost all have a line of upscale polish their makeup line included, but there are no luxury companies that only manufacture and sell nail polish. Is it time for a luxury home nail polish?
For everyone
Maybe nail polish is so popular because it is a cheap way to do with fashion or even to experiment with your own style. Brands like Essie and Opi come every year with many new colors and different makeup lines at the drugstore now have a wide range of nail polish. Whether you love a chic look or even more rock-n-roll are: there is available for all types of nail polish!
DIY trend
You can of course also a masterpiece of your nails make. Nails with gold flakes, prints or paintings of real mustaches, owls and ombre nails. There is a true DIY trend arise in the field of nail art. Nice cheerful!

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