Are you also tired of gnawed mini nails on your hands. Stop being envious glances towards women with well groomed nails. Time to do something about it!
Tip 1 Stop the impulse
Actually, nail biting an impulse that you must unlearn. By wearing gloves (even indoors) or sticking plasters or stickers on your fingertips can hold you against this impulse.
Tip 2 A good file
Make sure you always have a small file in your bag down. Now you nasty bits and rough bumps just wegvijlen instead of this as an excuse to use for nail biting.
Tip 3 Consider the implications
Does this not help, think about the consequences that nail biting may have. So sit on nails  many bacteria that you daily to your mouth, with nasty infections result. You also have the saliva increased risk of eczema in your fingers or suffer from bad smell on your fingers. You also have a chance of ingrown nails because many biters bite nails too short. It is also not too good for your teeth. That seem to me enough reasons to stop that nail biting!
Tip 4 Anti-nail biting remedies
Still to nail biting? Take a look at what remedies that nail biting prevention. Bite-X is a fairly well-known example and is in almost any drugstore to obtain. Spread hangover mornings on your nails. If you're still biting your nails, you get a nasty bitter taste in your mouth. Then you really think twice before you bite!
Tip 6 Extra Care
Did you manage to stop? Well! But remember that your nails (by many biting) still be thinner. It is therefore not equal to solid long fingernails grow. Treat your new nails, therefore, the first few weeks extra care with nail cream and once a week with a nourishing nail bath. And what are your tips? 

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