TIPS for a neat scalp and beautiful hair!

Do you sometimes suffer from a sensitive, itchy or dry scalp? Nothing is more annoying when you have an important appointment and you have incredible itch on your head. You can hard all the time with your hands in your hair sit. Here are a few tips.
1. Wash with lukewarm water
Wash your hair with lukewarm water instead of hot. It might take some getting used, but it's better for your hair and especially your scalp. By washing with hot water can irritate your scalp and this has also its effects on your hair.
2. Massage your shampoo your hair thoroughly
Speed ​​does well. This also applies to your beautiful tresses. Try yourself to learn while washing shampoo your hair thoroughly massaging. This to the skin and relax the active ingredients of the shampoo.
3. So you get more volume
Do you want more volume in your hair? Then choose a shampoo that is specially designed for fine, limp hair.
4. Brush carefully and not too often
In order not to irritate your scalp, you must be careful with excessive brushing. It is also important to have the right brush to brush kiezen. Don't use very sharp hairs, but choose a variant made ​​from natural products such as bristle.
5. Once a week a mask
If you suffer from a sensitive scalp, your hair just needs a little extra care. Give your hair once a week, therefore a mask.
6. Eat healthy
Also, your diet affects the health of your hair. Essential for a nice shine and strength of your hair are proteins, vitamins and minerals. So eat as varied as possible! Make sure you have at least enough food ingest these substances. So eat enough fish (protein), vegetables (vitamins) and iron-containing vegetables (broccoli / spinach). It is also for the health of your hair is important to get enough to drink. Preferably choose water.
7. scalp Massage
We said it equally. Beautiful hair begins with a well maintained scalp. Spend a few minutes on a daily basis for a short scalp massage. This stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp and hair follicles. Make circular motions with your fingers on the scalp and move your fingertips gently back and forth. Gently squeeze the scalp with your thumb and forefinger. Start at the sides of the head and working towards the center. Finally, you like playing the piano, the skin by massaging with your fingertips lightly on the skin to beat. Thus gives you guaranteed the best out of your scalp and hair!

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