TIPS | The ultimate treatment for your lips!

Sore lips, lips with sores, cracks, tears, cracks and scratches. Whatever it is, one thing is certain: during the winter, your lips did not improve. Therefore we present the ultimate treatment for your lips.
1. Keep that tongue inboard!
It is an automatism, we know it. Yet it seems to wet your lips with your tongue pretty bad for your lips to his. In your saliva are enzymes that by licking the wounds of your lips fall. Instead of your lips better, make it aggressive digestive enzymes your lips just more broken
2. Stop aggression
Look what you put on your lips! Many lip balms promise something good, but now contain many preservatives and other irritants. Through these lip balms are you, without you immediately notice, in a vicious circle because your lips do not heal, but rather further ruin.
3. Use natural products
Do you want soft lips, but no remedies or ointments? Lubricate then, before you go to sleep, a little honey on your lips. Baby oil or unsalted butter can help.
4. Remove sheets
Do you suffer from nasty sheets on your lips? Organize a scrub. This example you can do with a (not too hard) toothbrush. Apply a little lip balm on your lips, and then scrub the toothbrush over your lips. Do not be too hard. Instead of a toothbrush you can shell out a bottle of water (with ridges), a rough towel or use a sugar cube. Do not forget your lips "to grease".
5. Too painful?
Your lip is very painful, and starts knocking example. Consult a doctor in broken lips can also nest fungi and bacteria. An ointment, which you can get to the doctor, this is so fixed. Sore lips can also indicate an allergy or eczema.

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