Wich Mascara Fits YOU?

Nothing is better than elegant, beautiful and not to mention full lashes. Mascara is therefore in many women at number one, in terms of beauty product. But how do you know which among the wide range of mascara is good for you?
Lengthening mascara
Do you have short lashes and would you like to renew? Use a lengthening mascara. These mascaras have the advantage that they work with synthetic fibers, which are like small fake lashes on your existing lashes. Et voila! Long eyelashes are created.
Curly mascara
Want more curl your lashes? Use a mascara with a round brush. This mascara gives a bit of the same effect as a wimpertang and good wimpergel. This mascara works best with long, thick eyelashes because they bend easily. Do not have thick long lashes? Do you prefer a wimpertang.
More volume
Do you think your lashes are not full enough? Then brush the delicious thick. This mascara is a higher percentage of silicone polymers and waxes, because they are to your eyelash fixed nest, provide a voluminous effect.
Certainly not a bad idea with all the rain and snow for once a waterproof mascara. Even if you know you are going dancing and sweating or maybe a tear comes to a waterproof mascara solution. Do you have sensitive eyes, and you already use a mild cleansing milk? Then it might not be so nice to have a waterproof mascara, this challenge is much harder and more aggressive lotion will be removed.
Although black is the most favorite color, there are also a variety of other colors mascara. Want even more striking example at a party? Use a colored mascara. It can also be nice for a particular color eyes to a different type of color mascara to apply. Think of hazel green eyes and mascara, or blue eyes with brown mascara for a softer effect.

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