The moisturizer comes in a heavy glass tub. I am not so a fan of tubes, so I usally use a spatula to scoop some out of it and then apply it on my face. Paraben and mineral oil free, this product is essentially a light creamy gel with a soothing sensation. Besides its skincare merits, the packaging is somewhat eco-friendly too this pot is made of 40% recycled glass! 
Key Ingredients- Thermal Plankton Cellur Water- A nutrient-rich fluid responsible for preventing moisture loss from the skin's surface. Mannose- A sugar extract responsible for stocking water in vegetal life and stimulating the regeneration cycle of the skin. 
It's available in two textures: this gel for normal to combination skin and cream for the one who has dry skin. I wanted to try both and I've reviewed the cream here. It hydrated my skin well, it leaves a smooth and fresh effect. Looking at the ingredients (dimenthicone) wich is a silicon effect. Some people get breakouts from this so beware. Overall I like the cream more since I've dry skin but this gel is nice for who has normal to combination skin.

Beauty From The WALL?

Sometimes the shops are closed. And we, as fashionistas, it might have something. There are a number of manufacturers to respond: fashion from the wall. A machine where we can buy fashion items!
Beauty products
Of course there are times when our skin care products are. And if the stores are closed then this device useful: This fancy U * Tique machine has namely fifty luxury brands of beauty products. In addition, this device has a number of other fun things like videos and it gives it goodie away.
After an evening dances on heels we need some comfort. Then we prefer a comfortable walk home in our apartments. That's where this machine responds. For 7 euros you get a pair of flats so your feet can rest.
Based on the fact that in Japan almost everything through machinery for sale, the Japanese brand ONITSUKA TIGER also introduced in Europe. The machine sells 6 different sizes.
Me Undies has an underwear device. Convenient stand we thought, you never know when you need it. Until we found out that the machines just work in a shop. Here the convenience eludes us. But maybe we missed something.
The Body Shop saw a gap in the market with its sales. A machine with beauty products at airports, supermarkets and shopping centers across the country. Here we see the use of it. Verrrrry easy!
Sephora saw this as a gap in the market. They give on their website the following: "you have all your clothes and fashionable items crossed off your holiday checklist? But have you forgotten your main stuff? It makes no sense to your pretty little head about to break here and we catch it for you. At some airports, our machines ".

Enter Sashimi Dolly giveaway, the prizes are so cute and lovely! ^^.

The Most Strange Beauty Trends

Sometimes it along, and sometimes falls against. This also applies to some beauty trends, because nobody wants to fuck with a bagel in his head around? This and tree other bizarre beauty trends.
Bagel Head
A little less than a year ago was in Japan a very bizarre trend: teens had injecting botox to their head, to create a bagel or donut head. Unfortunately, these injections are never permanent and worked the stuff within 16 hours didn't worked anymore.
Crooked teeth
Called 'yeaba' teeth are hot and happening in our world Asian fellow residents. Although many Westerners years of bracing by state law for a bite, they think in Japan quite differently: let girls express their teeth crooked, so that the teeth are slightly overlaps. Why do you ask, you wonder? Girls with crooked teeth in Japan seen as cute and innocent ...
Bird droppings-facials
What we have not for a beautiful skin. We leave Japan, and moving forward into New York. Here, women (and probably men as hard) are treated with bird droppings, because their skin would go here more rays.

Plastic toe surgery
Apparently, many women are not happy with their wiggling toes and let them flocking here to do something. Toe surgery is actually the latest hype in surgery area!


Originally a demo singer, Sita Chan caught the attention of famous producer Paco Wong with her unique, remarkable voice. She has since been groomed to be an all-round performer, and after winning a newcomer award at the 2011 Jade Solid Gold Music Awards, she is finally making her formal debut in March 2012 as one of the year's most anticipated new Canto-pop singers.
While I was listening some songs at youtube, I came across a song named '忘川' it is sung by Sita Chan and I really liked that song! Recently I have been non stop listening to her songs.

Travel With Products?

To safeguard the safety of passengers and/or aircraft,  international rules apply on what you can or cannot carry on board an aircraft.  Under these rules, e.g. all pointed or blunt items that may be used as an attack weapon are strictly forbidden in the aircraft  cabin. So as to also protect you against the threat of liquid and  plastic explosives, the European Union has adopted additional  security rules that restrict the amount of liquids and gels that  you can take through security checkpoints.
These rules apply since November 2006 to all passengers  departing from airports in the EU, Norway, Iceland and  Switzerland, whatever their destination.
What can you carry in your hand luggage?
Liquids and gels you wish to take in your hand  baggage have to be packed in individual containers of max. 100ml. These containers have to be packed  together in a single transparent re-sealable plastic bag with  a capacity of no more than 1 litre per passenger.

Wich LIPSTICK Is Right For Me?

There are millions of different lipsticks available in stores, and they all promise something else. "Stay all day" or "extra care for the lips" are slogans that often pass, but what are the major differences?
Each lipstick consists of a number of ingredients to a greater or lesser extent, are added. This causes the differences among the several lipsticks. Each lipstick consists of pigments for color, was the firmness, perfume for the smell, and softeners for spreadability.
A matte lipstick is known for his long stays. He shines not and can sometimes give the feeling of dry lips. This is because in this lipstick waxes are more than softeners.
Moisturizing lipsticks will make your lips a little greasy continue. This lipstick shines just over her dull sister, but feels very nice on the lips. These lipsticks are more softeners added such as aloe vera.
Previously, ground fish scales used to create a beautiful pearly shine to come. Today we are working with the substances mica or silica. Pearl can sometimes slightly that extra touch.
Long Lasting
In the lipstick is silicone oil processed which ensures that the color on the lips as it were, is embedded. Hence, many manufacturers of long lasting lipsticks promise that the color stays put all day. In practice, however, this is not always true.
Lip gloss makes your lips shine and will generally have subtle colors. Lipgloss has a short shelf life, so you'll have to be something more lubrication. And don't forget to enter the Shopping queen's giveaway here!

HOT Spring & Summer Shoes!

The spring / summer collections are already in stores. If we are to believe it will soon be spring and go next week the temperatures rise. When a weather change we change course our outfit. Just what are the must-have shoes this spring and summer? What shoes should complement your wardrobe?
Ideal sandals
The sandals are centuries old but while always! You have them in incredible designs, colors, designs, prints and more. What is so ideal for sandals is that they are perfect for different occasions. You go to the park with fun girlfriends, pull them under a short with a top there. The plan is then reversed and you go straight to a party? no problem
Petit higher
In summer the dinners and drinks naturally good by. Enjoying the garden with sunset a good time with friends. Here is your course the perfect shoes. Pumps are not ideal for this (somewhat winters), sandals little too casually but there is another option! The sandal with heel! Go for a minimalist model combined with a gift or dress pants and you have a great outfit and evening!
Vintage look-a-like loafers
Will all times worn but is now totally hot and happening, the loafer! This rather classic shoes are designed and styled in many ways. By the design and the combination with 'contemporary clothing' get a vintage idea. Do you choose the basic black loafers? For the "hipster-grandma" model? Or maybe for those loafers with aztec print?
Nonchy chelsea boots
Ankle boots in summer? Yes absolutely! The boots to just below the knee, too hot or heavy for you? Then the ankle perfectly! Go for a festival look and pull boots, a highwaisted shorts and a top to bleach and your outfit is ready. Add to this an oldschool backpack to it and you steal the show at a festival!
Easy going flip flops
And absolutely not to forget the flip flops! Perfect for any occasion: the beach, a picnic, a drink, a night out. They are not boring if you have a somewhat playful outfit attracts. They are nice and simple and comfortable, this combination makes any outfit casual!


Eczema: It's so hateful if you have it. Your skin is not improved. And that it causes itching! Aaargh! Please read below 5 tips to prevent eczema, or at least reduce.
Tip 1 Fat
The key is to keep the skin nice and fat. Through your continuous hydration to maintain your skin is less dry and this makes it not so itchy.
Tip 2 Clothing
Try, if you have eczema, to maximize light, absorbent and non-irritating clothing. So choose natural materials. Here applies: quality over quantity. So take the time to find out something good!
Tip 3 Short nails
Keep your nails short, so your skin does not open scratch. Especially with contact eczema is important. Thus you avoid it at other places to get. And remember: even with short nails are you a femme fatale!
Tip 4 Shower
Try to limit the number of turns shower. The (hot) water as your skin even drier. When you shower, shower not too long and use a soft towel to dry it. Use an oily soap. Nivea body lotion has recently been released, which you can use in the shower.
Tip 5 Digestive
Is your digestive system does not run smoothly? Then you have a greater chance of getting eczema. So try to eat as varied as possible. Notice how often you go to the bathroom for a "large" message. Is this enough? Try to adjust your diet. Do you have other tips to prevent eczema or less annoying to do?