All About Your Daily Food And Health

Nutrition is simply necessary, it is the fuel of your body. But there are a few key rules that should not be exceeded. Read here how you can live healthy.
Drink plenty of water
If you drink enough water, you can waste your body easier exit and do not be stored in your body. So drink at least 2 liters of water a day.
Anything with 'too' is not good
Of course you can spoil yourself sometimes, just hold it in your hand. Anything with 'too' sure is not good. Take 2 times a week a cola instead of 2 bottles a week.
Choose consciously
Try to consciously choose. A fries on his time is not bad, but choose once for the small format and combine it with vegetables, bread, salad or vegetables. If you do take the large size, eat it as a main meal (and not as a snack).
Eat regularly. Make sure that one day you three main meals and 3-4 snacks to ingest. Spread this good on the day, you're such later on, eat your lunch a little later.
Food is fuel for your body. Do you eat more than your body burns, you will come to. Eat too much and move enough (30 minutes at least a day)

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