Eczema: It's so hateful if you have it. Your skin is not improved. And that it causes itching! Aaargh! Please read below 5 tips to prevent eczema, or at least reduce.
Tip 1 Fat
The key is to keep the skin nice and fat. Through your continuous hydration to maintain your skin is less dry and this makes it not so itchy.
Tip 2 Clothing
Try, if you have eczema, to maximize light, absorbent and non-irritating clothing. So choose natural materials. Here applies: quality over quantity. So take the time to find out something good!
Tip 3 Short nails
Keep your nails short, so your skin does not open scratch. Especially with contact eczema is important. Thus you avoid it at other places to get. And remember: even with short nails are you a femme fatale!
Tip 4 Shower
Try to limit the number of turns shower. The (hot) water as your skin even drier. When you shower, shower not too long and use a soft towel to dry it. Use an oily soap. Nivea body lotion has recently been released, which you can use in the shower.
Tip 5 Digestive
Is your digestive system does not run smoothly? Then you have a greater chance of getting eczema. So try to eat as varied as possible. Notice how often you go to the bathroom for a "large" message. Is this enough? Try to adjust your diet. Do you have other tips to prevent eczema or less annoying to do?

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