Beauty From The WALL?

Sometimes the shops are closed. And we, as fashionistas, it might have something. There are a number of manufacturers to respond: fashion from the wall. A machine where we can buy fashion items!
Beauty products
Of course there are times when our skin care products are. And if the stores are closed then this device useful: This fancy U * Tique machine has namely fifty luxury brands of beauty products. In addition, this device has a number of other fun things like videos and it gives it goodie away.
After an evening dances on heels we need some comfort. Then we prefer a comfortable walk home in our apartments. That's where this machine responds. For 7 euros you get a pair of flats so your feet can rest.
Based on the fact that in Japan almost everything through machinery for sale, the Japanese brand ONITSUKA TIGER also introduced in Europe. The machine sells 6 different sizes.
Me Undies has an underwear device. Convenient stand we thought, you never know when you need it. Until we found out that the machines just work in a shop. Here the convenience eludes us. But maybe we missed something.
The Body Shop saw a gap in the market with its sales. A machine with beauty products at airports, supermarkets and shopping centers across the country. Here we see the use of it. Verrrrry easy!
Sephora saw this as a gap in the market. They give on their website the following: "you have all your clothes and fashionable items crossed off your holiday checklist? But have you forgotten your main stuff? It makes no sense to your pretty little head about to break here and we catch it for you. At some airports, our machines ".

Enter Sashimi Dolly giveaway, the prizes are so cute and lovely! ^^.

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