HOT Spring & Summer Shoes!

The spring / summer collections are already in stores. If we are to believe it will soon be spring and go next week the temperatures rise. When a weather change we change course our outfit. Just what are the must-have shoes this spring and summer? What shoes should complement your wardrobe?
Ideal sandals
The sandals are centuries old but while always! You have them in incredible designs, colors, designs, prints and more. What is so ideal for sandals is that they are perfect for different occasions. You go to the park with fun girlfriends, pull them under a short with a top there. The plan is then reversed and you go straight to a party? no problem
Petit higher
In summer the dinners and drinks naturally good by. Enjoying the garden with sunset a good time with friends. Here is your course the perfect shoes. Pumps are not ideal for this (somewhat winters), sandals little too casually but there is another option! The sandal with heel! Go for a minimalist model combined with a gift or dress pants and you have a great outfit and evening!
Vintage look-a-like loafers
Will all times worn but is now totally hot and happening, the loafer! This rather classic shoes are designed and styled in many ways. By the design and the combination with 'contemporary clothing' get a vintage idea. Do you choose the basic black loafers? For the "hipster-grandma" model? Or maybe for those loafers with aztec print?
Nonchy chelsea boots
Ankle boots in summer? Yes absolutely! The boots to just below the knee, too hot or heavy for you? Then the ankle perfectly! Go for a festival look and pull boots, a highwaisted shorts and a top to bleach and your outfit is ready. Add to this an oldschool backpack to it and you steal the show at a festival!
Easy going flip flops
And absolutely not to forget the flip flops! Perfect for any occasion: the beach, a picnic, a drink, a night out. They are not boring if you have a somewhat playful outfit attracts. They are nice and simple and comfortable, this combination makes any outfit casual!

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