The crown braid, many years ago, spotted and worn, but in the year 2013 is still not out of date. We saw earlier the nephaarbandjes come, but the version with real hair is beautiful and exudes a natural look out. The braid is still much to pass celebrities, on the catwalk and on the street course. And that is certainly justified, the braid is timeless and you can both classy and casual wear. The braid is ideal for the Spring / Summer with the all white look! Let's get inspired!
One of the most sought examples of the crown braid has to be the hairdo of Sienna Miller from 2007. The beauty wore it with a beautiful dress on the red carpet and looked like a goddess. The hair trend was put and many celebrities followed, like Mary-Kate Olsen and Scarlett Johansson. All natural beauty with an eye for detail.
The braid looks complicated and difficult, but that is only a false imagination. The hairdo is very easy to make, both casual and classy. All you need are a few quick fingers, pins and rubber bands. On the picture you can see how easily a crown braid in your hair makes. Or look at youtube for some video's.

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