The Most Strange Beauty Trends

Sometimes it along, and sometimes falls against. This also applies to some beauty trends, because nobody wants to fuck with a bagel in his head around? This and tree other bizarre beauty trends.
Bagel Head
A little less than a year ago was in Japan a very bizarre trend: teens had injecting botox to their head, to create a bagel or donut head. Unfortunately, these injections are never permanent and worked the stuff within 16 hours didn't worked anymore.
Crooked teeth
Called 'yeaba' teeth are hot and happening in our world Asian fellow residents. Although many Westerners years of bracing by state law for a bite, they think in Japan quite differently: let girls express their teeth crooked, so that the teeth are slightly overlaps. Why do you ask, you wonder? Girls with crooked teeth in Japan seen as cute and innocent ...
Bird droppings-facials
What we have not for a beautiful skin. We leave Japan, and moving forward into New York. Here, women (and probably men as hard) are treated with bird droppings, because their skin would go here more rays.

Plastic toe surgery
Apparently, many women are not happy with their wiggling toes and let them flocking here to do something. Toe surgery is actually the latest hype in surgery area!

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