Wich LIPSTICK Is Right For Me?

There are millions of different lipsticks available in stores, and they all promise something else. "Stay all day" or "extra care for the lips" are slogans that often pass, but what are the major differences?
Each lipstick consists of a number of ingredients to a greater or lesser extent, are added. This causes the differences among the several lipsticks. Each lipstick consists of pigments for color, was the firmness, perfume for the smell, and softeners for spreadability.
A matte lipstick is known for his long stays. He shines not and can sometimes give the feeling of dry lips. This is because in this lipstick waxes are more than softeners.
Moisturizing lipsticks will make your lips a little greasy continue. This lipstick shines just over her dull sister, but feels very nice on the lips. These lipsticks are more softeners added such as aloe vera.
Previously, ground fish scales used to create a beautiful pearly shine to come. Today we are working with the substances mica or silica. Pearl can sometimes slightly that extra touch.
Long Lasting
In the lipstick is silicone oil processed which ensures that the color on the lips as it were, is embedded. Hence, many manufacturers of long lasting lipsticks promise that the color stays put all day. In practice, however, this is not always true.
Lip gloss makes your lips shine and will generally have subtle colors. Lipgloss has a short shelf life, so you'll have to be something more lubrication. And don't forget to enter the Shopping queen's giveaway here!

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