Yet another trend that we absolutely can not ignore: sunglasses with mirrored lenses. Spotted in magazines, street style and of course bloggers. The model you choose is entirely up to you because this summer they can all be like: cat's eye, large, round and square. Sugar Sight sought the finest specimens for you and put them in a row in our product slider! Let the sun shine!
Maxidresses, flower crowns, Shorts & fringes. Most things we can not attract, but do lie in the stores. What to do? Save it for the upcoming festival season! You probably will not go to Coachella and Glastonbury, but also at festivals is increasingly upcoming festival wear.
This spring we choose en masse for the term 'statement'. Statement necklaces and statement jackets were already a fact, but now we really a statement earpiece. The cuff what we saw last year appear so we are now one step further. Seen by Rodarte: earpieces. A diamond studded earring that goes over your ear. No diamonds bestfriend? Then choose a metal specimen for a punky look. Put your hair up one side and keep your makeup quiet so it is not a circus.

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