From Winter to Spring

Although it isn't yet very warm this Spring, in this cold you can walk according to the latest spring trends. Brighten up your winter clothes with these items according to the Spring trends. Pictures from google.
Flowers and color! It is one of the biggest trends of the moment: floral prints. A perfect item is a blazer with floral print. Besides that it's great fun, it is also easy to styles from day to evening outfit. And of course it is nice and warm.

Statement jewelry
A perfect way to brighten up your winter outfit with jewelry. Wear a statement necklace in a bright color to your winter outfit and you'll see immediately happier. Color We always think of the spring and summer so that is a perfect way to create a spring outfit
The spring dress
Nothing screams spring flowers. It is not surprising that floral prints are so popular, because who does not make you happy flowers. A perfect spring item is a dress with floral print. That you can wear now! Add a basic blouse underneath or on the colder days you just put a sweater over your dress turns into a nice skirt.
In addition to jewelry there are of course many more accessories to make your outfit easily and quickly spring. Think of bags, shoes and even purses. All in a bright color or busy print brightens your winter outfit.
Choose a scarf instead of a thick knitted scarf made ​​of a light fabric like silk. And then of course in a fun color or print. It is still wonderfully warm, but looks not so winters.
Spring nails
A very simple way to get in the spring mood is the use of make-up. In the winter we usually wear dark colors like black nail polish and dark red lipstick. Swap colors for example bright pink or bright red and looks immediately more radiant. It is an inexpensive way to brighten up your winter outfit So paint your nails in a nice spring tan and makes your winter outfit a lot brighter.

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