Cara Delevingne and many streetstylers: the fashionable backpack. Rihanna is also a fan and designed a beautiful backpack for River Island with her tattoo and logo on the bag. The backpack is fashionable and practical because you can have enough belongings. Wear it half over the shoulder or on your back for long walks. The best backpacks finished with studs, zippers and gold.
They're back: stripes! Some seasons we saw the Breton stripe pass but this season we really on the vertical bar. A trend that came, saw and conquered, because each store has now an item with stripes on the shelves hang. Especially the blouse and pants with stripes in black and white are popular. Vertical stripes make you look optically longer. What a woman wants even more?
This summer there are numerous trends which we can draw inspiration. One is the trend put by the famous designer duo Dolce & Gabbana: Sicily. Kitsch with Ethnic. Prints, skirts, headbands and coarse striking earrings dominated the catwalk, of course, the bodies of the most beautiful models. However, the collection of the duo a bit predictable: the previous Fall collection was also inspired by Sicily.
Statement sunglasses. Often in a cat-eye model, but always large and conspicuous. With a thick edge in a sweet color or with numerous diamonds. To small sunglasses we do not, this summer is: the bigger, the better! Shop now the best examples for a small price at Asos!

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