Classic Hair Styles

These are keepers
As with clothing are also subject to the hairstyles trends. We walked centuries ago with wigs, wigs after we now try to sculpt with curling irons, hair straighteners, remedies and sprays. But what hairstyles are here to stay? And therefore outright classics to call?
The ponytail
You get out of bed, and you have absolutely no idea what to do with your hair today. Put in a ponytail and you're ready to conquer the world. Especially the low ponytail and the ponytail in the middle of the head do well. For an extra nice touch take a piece of a hairbraid and bind a elastic tie to it.
The bob
Invented in 1909, this is truly a classic hairstyle called. And still it is much worn by mainly spicy ladies who like their jaw line to emphasize. Although men are not happy in 1909 with the short koppies were, the bob is now equal to sexy, young women who have fallen away from their mouth.
Grace Kelly role
Or the French role is still widely spotted on the red carpets. Maybe not something you as one, two, three casual would wear. But for a elegant opportunity is it perfect: elegant and feminine!
The Chignon
The ultimate hairstyle for her if you want stabbing. Place the high bun, then go for a younger, ondeugendere look. Place the knot in the neck, then you as to the red carpet. Google Reader will be disables soon, so I hope you guys can follow me on Bloglovin' to get my updates. Follow me here: thanks!

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